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How To Make Money Online In Kenya 2021,


Hello, How are you today? Let's talk about making money online in Kenya, many Kenyans are making good money online, you can feed your family and yourself, making money online is the next way to follow for the unemployed Kenyans.
The current tough economic conditions will force you to think about how you can start your online business.
Note that many online jobs offer opportunities to earn good money with less work compared to manual jobs like mjengo vibarua, where you use a lot of energy to make your 500 ksh per day in Kenya.
I can share with you what to do and make at least good money online, So let me cover this with you. 

1. Freelance Writing/ Online Writing 

Do you love writing? there is a big opportunity for you. This is one of the best areas you can make a good amount of money from. There are many online academic writing and also good article writing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Bluecorp. etc,
you can start a blog and run ads in your blog, with academic writing websites you will be paid 500 Ksh per pay up to 1000 ksh per page. 

2. Vlogging 

Many Kenyans are in this industry, Vlogging is creating video posts via platforms like youtube, in Kenya youtube is the best and used a lot by comedians, musicians, movies actors, and more
Youtube will pay you when ads are displayed by google on your videos. you can create product review videos and earn from selling your own products or other people products via affiliate marketing,

3. Web Designing 

Are you an expert in web designing you can start a web design company if you know a lot about WordPress you can offer WordPress website management services.
Cost of designing a website depends on complexity so you will make good money in this department.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is where I belong, Affiliate marketing is the best for me, i can recommend you check affiliate marketing companies in Kenya here, you will be paid when you recommend a service or a product to a customer, For example, a customer needs a 32-inch Vitron tv at 25000 ksh you will be paid 8 %  earning that is 2000 Ksh, earning depends on the company you work with. 

5. Managing Social Media Pages/ Social Media Expert 

Let me say you don't need to be a college graduate to do this, you need just to know how to use social media and social media management. Companies will pay you good money to perform simple tasks for them just write to them via their email and send an email to the company informing the company what you can do, with a good bio.

6. Online Surveys 

I will not recommend online surveys that much they will not give you money on daily basis, 
you can check surveys at  Survey Junkie, Mobrog, Swagbucks, etc. 

7. Data Entry 

You will be required to be computer literate and have excellent written communication skills, as data entry mainly involves copying data from written documents into a computer, These jobs are given by companies with a lot of data entry jobs they will require remote workers.

8. Selling eBooks 

Many are making good money selling ebooks, eBook is a downloadable book in pdf format you can sell ebooks online at amazon, Check here for websites to sell your ebooks online . 

9. Forex Trading 

let me end this post by informing you about online trading, make are on forex trading in Kenya, there are good reliable forex trading websites available for you to try , Forex trading is all about buying and selling currencies online. Forex trading websites check here 

Hope the article will help you find something you can do and make money online  and pay your bills 

Thanks for reading this post, from me Johana Mutegi online writer blogger, and worker Full time 
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