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How To Start Highly Profitable Poultry Farming in Kenya 2021 , Farming Guide .


Hello, how are you doing my friends today, i need you to set and start high profitable poultry farming in kenya , 


How To Start Highly Profitable Poultry Farming in Kenya 2021 , Farming Guide . 

Poultry farming in Kenya is playing a significant part in the total economy and satisfying the nutrition demand in Kenya. Reports show that certain individuals are becoming tycoons by commercial poultry cultivating in Kenya. 
many farmers in  Kenya raise egg laying or broiler chicken. Raising some other domestic birds can likewise be found in Kenya.
Among the poultry birds, quail farming is becoming famous day by day. Certain individuals raise poultry for family utilization and the vast majority of the farmers raise poultry commercial for benefit.

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Poultry egg consumption rate is moderately high than meat consumption in Kenya. Schools, lodgings/hotels, and homes are the greatest market for poultry eggs in Kenya. If there should arise an occurrence of meat, lodgings/hotels are the significant clients of chicken meat. 

Steps on, How to Start Poultry Farming in Kenya 

You can begin poultry farming in Kenya by remembering both neighborhood and worldwide markets. Assuming you would rather not go through cash in purchasing poultry items then you can go with limited scope poultry farming in Kenya. 

Yet, for commercial production, you need to focus on showcasing your products. You can target large inns/hotels, companies, and furthermore send out to outside nations marketing your products. 

Farming Method 

Poultry farming in Kenya should be possible by utilizing two techniques and those are organic and inorganic. Both organic and inorganic techniques are utilized for commercial poultry farming in Kenya. 

There is high competition between these two types of poultry farming ( organic and inorganic ). There are some poultry product buying companies in Kenya that are not tolerating inorganic poultry products  (meat and eggs). 

Some wellbeing-conscious individuals are dismissing a wide range of inorganic food varieties including poultry eggs and meat. This is resulting in a little drop in inorganic poultry farming in Kenya (not extraordinarily).


In Kenya, broiler and layer poultry are utilized for commercial meat and egg production. There are various world-renowned meat and egg production poultry breeds accessible. Select appropriate varieties as per your ideal production. For commercial egg production pick profoundly useful layer breeds which are appropriate for farming in  Kenyan environment In case of meat production select highly meat-producing broiler poultry breeds. You can visit your closest poultry farming or training community for getting some data about reasonable varieties for commercial poultry cultivating in Kenya. 

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Great planned and well-facilitated poultry housing is an absolute necessity for commercial poultry farming in Kenya. housing framework /system and design rely upon the farming system and picked poultry breeds. 

Be that as it may, adhere to certain directions while building houses for a wide range of poultry breeds. legitimate ventilation system is extremely critical. This keeps the birds healthy and useful/productive. 

Ensure that your poultry house is all around ventilated. 

Assuming you need to begin huge scope poultry farming, then, at that point, making various houses will be viable. 
Keep about 40 feet distance from one house to another house while making numerous houses.
always clean the house very well before you decide to bring the chicks inside your farm.

Wooden or rice bran can be utilized for making litter for the poultry birds. Keep all the poultry gear clean and free from germs. Clean all gear on a regular basis.  

Wooden or rice grain can be utilized for making litter for the poultry birds. Keep all the poultry equipment clean and germ-free. Clean all equipment on regular basis. 


Feeding good quality nutritious food keeps the poultry birds healthy and useful/productive. best quality foods sources with availability of a wide range of supplements,  this is a good way that will lead to accomplishment in business poultry farming.

Alongside giving great quality food varieties serve them an adequate measure of fresh and clean water as per their interest. 

Care & Management 

Continuously take great consideration of your poultry. vaccinate ideal to keep them free from a wide range of poultry sicknesses. Keep your ranch/farm liberated from other hurtful animals and prevent a wide range of predators. 


There is as of now a prepared market accessible for showcasing/marketing your poultry products. small scale ranchers/farmers can without much of a stretch sell their products in the nearby markets. 

Also, large-scale poultry ranchers/farmers can attempt to sell their items in large hotels, organizations/companies  or in worldwide market. 

Poultry farming has an incredible commitment to the economy and food demand of Kenya. The primary advantage of business poultry farming in Kenya is that sicknesses are less in poultry and therefore we don't need to import poultry products from far-off countries. Alongside acquiring benefits from business poultry farming in Kenya we need to guarantee the accessibility of required food demand.  

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