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What Is The Best Good Quality Automatic Incubator (Can Use Electricity Or Battery) Available in Kenya (Jumiakenya reviews )


Generic 64 Egg Automatic Incubator (Can Use Electricity Or Battery) 

Hello , how are you today , i need to recommend this 
Quality Automatic Incubator (Can Use Electricity Or Battery)  

Product details

Fully automatic egg incubator with both ac and dc inputs, it turns the eggs on its own every after two hours to ensure proper formation of the embryo, the plastic material is hard enough to not only ensure durability but also help preserve incubation condition for up to six hours in absence of electricity provided you do not open it.For efficient results ensure you use fresh eggs not older than seven days since they were laid, they must also be fertilized.use the outer water inlet, you do not need to open the whole incubator to add water, use the 150ml water bottle fot that purpose at-least two bottles per day.avoid opening your incubator as this lets out the good air conditions and gives it hard time of heating up


  • minimal power consumption (has a power rating of 100W)
  • automatic turning of eggs
  • has both ac and dc inputs
  • hardened plastic to ensure durability
  • has a vent space so incise of higher temperatures you just need to slightly open it
  • has sufficient hatching space for all the 64 eggs


  • The outer protector (Styrofoam)
  • the blue lid cover with inbuilt fans, sensors and controller
  • white rollers
  • the motor
  • water bottle
  • spray bottle
  • ac and dc cables
  • mesh smooth surface hatchery tray
  • manual 


  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 49x46x21
  • Weight (kg): 8
  • Main Material: PVC
  • Shop Type: Jumia Mall 

How to get this item 

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