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What is the purpose of blogging?


Hello, How are you today my friends?

Am writing this post to inform you about the main purpose of a blog... or purpose for blogging.

 I will cover below topics in this post 

  1. What is a blog?
  2. What is blogging?
  3. How to start a blog?
  4. The purpose of blogging? 


This is an online platform where a team or individual writer/blogger share his views about a topic with an online audience,  Let me say blogs are informational sites/platform.


blogging is just the process of creating original high-quality content that provides value and share to your audience, your audience can be on emails, social media followers or even phone numbers via bulk SMS services  

How to start a blog? 

Step 1, choose blogging platform

blogging is very important and will help you in many ways i will mention below, If you need to start a blog you will need a reliable blogging platform, you can start with Blogspot by google as you grow your blog you can migrate to WordPress and get access to plugins and themes. I will not tell you to ignore Blogspot many of my blogs are on Blogspot, Don't believe the myth Blogspot blogs will not rank, what ranks on google is not your domain name it's good quality content. , If someone is telling you,  you must use WordPress for your blog to rank or look attractive he/she is in need to sell you WordPress themes or refer you to WordPress and get to 10 USD. You are free to choose the platform you need either WordPress or Blogspot. 

Step 2 choose/ buy  a domain name,

  • buy old domain name 

you can choose a new or old domain name, many are asking what i mean, what webmasters do they buy an old domain name for another company in their niche that expired, the reason why they do this is because the domain name for another company is still getting traffic, these domains are very expensive. imagine  if a big company like NIKE is selling many will place bid for the domain

  • buy a new domain name  
This is simple you find your niche buy domain name related to your niche, domain names should offer information about your blog niche /about.
you can buy domain names at GoDaddy, after you buy your domain you will link it to your Blogspot blog or your WordPress blog hosting platform  

What is the purpose of blogging? 

This is why i was writing this post, i have to answer it to my level best
okay, below are reasons why writers/bloggers create content or do blogging 

1, FOR FUN  

Many of us will just do it for fun, it's fun when you create content and you see it go viral, you feel good when you share your ideas to the world. 


These are blogs used for business, have you seen blogs that cover tech items topics, they are called tech review blogs, owners of these blogs make money when they talk about new items in the tech world and they sell what they have in stores or via affiliate marketing.
Business blogs are also used by company owners to give updates to customers and also help in online marketing via blog followers.

It's important to know that the main goal for a blog is communication with existing and new audiences either from a business perspective or just for fun/entertainment, with this reason many blog owners will spend a lot of money on SEO tools. 

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