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FAQs on How to Choose the Best Lightweight Walking Shoes In Kenya


If you're caught up with the dilemma of deciding what type of lightweight walking shoes you should buy, here are a few questions that can help you select and purchase the right lightweight shoes for you or for your loved one.

Should you buy walking shoes or running shoes in kenya?

 Shoe manufacturers design their shoes according to their purpose. A pair of top fashion sneakers or trendy white sneakers qualify as walking shoes and they are produced for fashion rather than performance. On the other hand, if you believe that you will be using the shoes for running, then go with the running shoe design.
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How should you choose the best lightweight walking shoes in kenya? 

Every time you move your feet to walk, there is a rolling motion that moves from heel to toe. Since walking involves a lot of foot bending, flexibility is essential when choosing the best lightweight trainers. A few tips to test if a shoe has the flexibility that you need: Twist, Bend, and Poke it.

Another thing to consider: 

Choose a flat or low heeled pair of shoes. Heels must be an inch or less and ensure that the shoes have enough cushion to protect the sole of your feet.

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What are other helpful features? 

To answer this question, It is essential that we know the basic parts of a pair of walking shoes such as the sole, the forefoot (where the toes are), the midfoot (arches of the foot), and the hindfoot (heel and ankle). 

Here are a few features that you might want your perfect walking pair of shoes to have:

Achilles tendon protector - ensures that the shoe is locked on the heel.
Heel Collar - ensures that the foot fits properly.
Insole - detachable cushion that supports the foot and can be easily washed and dried.
Air midsole or foam - minimizes the impact when your foot forcefully hits the ground 

What else to consider?

 You should consider the shape of your feet. Remember that your shoes should conform to your feet's shape and not the other way around. This is a very important factor to consider in buying a lightweight walking pair of shoes. It must be comfortable to wear and sturdy enough to protect your feet. 

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Product details

Hello there! welcome to our store! Quality is our number one priority!Dear Customer: To avoid choosing the wrong size, please read the size label carefully.Please select the size according to "foot length".If your feet are very thick and wide, please buy a larger size shoe;If you buy a shoe that is too big, it is recommended to wear an insole.Size reference (our store shoes are EU size)EU size 39 = China size 39 = foot length 24.5 cm.EU size 40 = China size 40 = 25 cm in length.EU size 41 = China size 41 = foot length 25.5 cm.EU size 42 = China size 42 = 26 cm long.EU size 43 = China size 43 = foot length 26.5 cm.EU size 44 = China size 44 = 27 cm in length.This elegant shoe draws the attention of onlookers with its stylish and gorgeous look.The soft, comfortable, breathable knit upper provides breathable space for your legs, soft and protective, so you can ease every step of the way.Light weight for excellent resilience and durability. Stable to the ground.It has a range of details that will make you stand out. No matter how long you wear it, it will continue to maintain its solid shape.Are you always looking for a store with the best creativity, inspiration and soul enhancement? Pay attention to us, we can always get something that surprises you.If the project is good, give a five-star rating. Your praise is the driving force for our continuous efforts. 


  • Quality canvas uppers
  • Neat fine ​hand stitching
  • Soft pigskin lining,Molded EVA footbed featuring AEGIS antimicrobial additive
  • Upgraded antiskid durable antiwear rubber soles
  • 1*shoes 
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