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What To Know Before You Buy a Cooler Bag In Kenya ,

Cooler bags are one of those essentials you don't really realize that you need until you get stuck and need one. So now that you are ready to buy one, knowing what to look out for is vital so you don't end up with the wrong one. 

The Capacity

What will you usually put in your cooler bag? Asking this question is important because it helps you understand your needs before buying. You should know what capacity will take your ice or drinks. For instance, if you want to pack 16 cans with some ice, then you may not want to buy a bag that can only take 12 cans with ice. You should choose a bag like the Yeti because it can take up to 18 cans. 

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Your Needs

Where will you take the bag to? How will you carry it? How often will you use it?

These are some of the questions you should ask before choosing a bag. There is a huge difference between wanting a cooler bag that you can take to work and one that will withstand the elements. So if you want a cooler for use at work (for your lunch), then consider the Freddie And Sebbie bag it is perfect for work. 

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However, if you're looking for a bag that is waterproof and you want it to float, then the Icemule is a perfect choice.

For those who intend to carry it for long distance, a soft one like the Icemule will be a more comfortable choice because it is easy to wear and carry.

Multi Pockets

A cooler bag with several compartments is an ideal choice as you may want to stay organized or carry several things like silverware, napkins and even sunscreen. If your needs call for extra closures and pockets, then my advice is to skip the Yeti and the Icemule and go for Coleman and Freddie and Sebbie coolers. 

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Price is one factor that will always come up when choosing any product. Cooler bags come in a wide range of prices. Some are affordable, while others are high price. If you want a bag that is more durable, at an affordable price, then you should try out the Yeti.
But if you are on a budget, then consider choosing the Coleman. It is a more affordable product and will fit almost any budget. The affordability of a cooler bag cannot be measured by price alone because the features they offer vary. For example, a larger size cooler will cost more than a smaller size one. You will need to choose what will suit your needs before deciding if it is worth the cost. 

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The Bottom Line on The Best Cooler Bag

The best cooler bag is one that will fit your every need. First, evaluate your needs in terms of capacity, carry purpose, pocket preference and finally price. You may find out that is you initially thought was the right choice, isn't what you need after all. 

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