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3 Best Tips For choosing the Right solar panel for home in kenya


You want to go solar, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve got plenty of questions, like how do you choose the right type of solar panel? And how do you install it? And what are the benefits of going solar? Check out these three tips for choosing the right solar panel for your home, and find out more about going solar today!  

Choose your energy use first

Before you start shopping for solar panels, decide whether you’re interested in generating all of your own energy needs or if you’re happy to have just a small part of your electricity supplied by solar power. If you want to buy enough photovoltaic cells to generate 100 percent of your electricity needs, check out how much sun hits your home in a year and research which parts of that area are best suited for going solar (garages, south-facing windows, etc.). 

Choose you energy output

Not all solar panels are created equal. If you’re getting a system, be sure to ask about its energy output in watts (W). Some solar panel installations will boast about their size (measured in amps, or A), but that figure is just one data point—energy output is what really matters. 

How much will you save? 

In addition to having a positive impact on your bank account, installing solar panels can help lower utility bills. In fact, according to one recent study by NREL, homeowners can save up to 33 percent on their total electricity consumption. And that’s only looking at one panel. The more you have installed, the greater percentage of energy you’ll be able to produce—and thus use for free!  

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