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6 of the Best Online Selling Platforms or Websites in Kenya Online Marketplaces


The Internet offers an amazing array of opportunities to those looking to make money online, but the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to sell online in Kenya, here are eight of the best online selling platforms that can help you get started! In no particular order... 


In its first year, Jumia hit $100 million in sales, a milestone that took a decade for eBay and four years for Amazon to achieve. It now has a presence in more than 15 countries on three continents and is investing heavily to expand its reach into new ones. But there are concerns about how it will fare as it faces competition from deep-pocketed global e-commerce giants like Amazon, Google and Alibaba that have recently started to move aggressively into Africa.  Visit Jumia here  

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Jiji kenya 

Jiji is a Kenyan e-commerce site, similar to Amazon or Jumia. It’s an online marketplace where you can buy or sell anything from gadgets to books to home and office furniture. And, it’s cheap! You can also use it to shop for daily items like groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.  Visit here 


With BuyRentKenya, you can buy and sell goods and services within an online community. As a seller, you’ll have access to both local and international markets. The site also offers small-business loans to sellers looking to expand their business or launch new ones. BuyRentKenya accepts sellers from all over Kenya, but only buyers from its immediate environs. Check Here 

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People are constantly looking for a new deal and Pigiame allows them to buy what they want at a much cheaper price than retail. You can sell both brand new and used items, which makes it easy to get rid of your old things while buying what you need. There is a great safety net that comes with buying and selling on Pigiame—your money is kept protected by an escrow service until you confirm receipt. This ensures that your transactions go smoothly every time.  Check here 


This site lists your auctions for free and allows you to create a store, which enables you to sell your items easily. It does require setting up an account with Cheki; however, it is easy to set up and doesn’t have any fees associated with it. Additionally, if you are selling more than 50 items per month or making more than $100 worth of sales on a monthly basis, they will take a small percentage of your sales as payment.  Check here ,  

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Founded by two MBA students from Stanford, Fivesok is a marketplace that connects people looking to buy and sell consumer goods like electronics, books, sports equipment, and more. Using Fivesok is simple—you sign up on its website with your Facebook or email account, post what you’re selling along with a photo, accept offers made by other buyers (it supports instant buying and selling) who compete for your attention. 

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