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Best real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022.Legit Avoid Scammers

Best  real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022.

What is Real Estate? 

Land and improvements, such as buildings, furnishings, roads, structures, and utility systems, make up real estate. Property rights provide ownership of land, improvements, and natural resources such as minerals, plants, animals, and water, among other things. 

Types of Re al Estate 

There are many different types of real estate, each having its own function and utility. The following are the primary categories: 

  • Land
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial 
The explanations below will be useful for anyone interested in learning how the industry works and what each of the major categories represents. 

 Land Real Estate  

Land serves as the foundation for all other types of property investment. Undeveloped land and unoccupied land are commonly referred to as "land." Developers buy land, combine it with other properties (a process known as assembly), then rezone it to boost the density and value of the property. 

Residential Real Estate  

Individuals, families, and groups of people can live in residential real estate. This is the most common type of estate and the asset class with which the majority of people are acquainted. Single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and other forms of living arrangements are all classified as residential. 

Commercial Real Estate  

Land and structures utilized by businesses to conduct their operations are referred to as commercial property. Shopping malls, individual stores, office buildings, parking lots, medical clinics, and hotels are all examples. 

Industrial Real Estate  

Land and structures used by industrial firms for operations such as manufacturing, mechanical productions, research and development, construction, transportation, logistics, and warehousing are referred to as industrial real estate. 

.Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Kenya Updated 2022 

Real estate has proven to be the finest investment option in Kenya due to the country's rising population. Real Estate Companies in Kenya assist interested persons with necessary services, despite the fact that purchasing properties can be a long and tiresome procedure. 

There are many Real Estate Companies in Kenya today. When buying or selling a home, this means you'll need to choose one who works in your best interests. Knowing which companies to contact will protect you from fraudsters posing as agents or brokers.

In this article, I've compiled a list of legitimate real estate companies in Kenya today, together with brief descriptions and contact information. So read on to find out who to contact if you want to invest in Kenyan real estate. 

.                                       Knight Frank Kenya (KFK) 

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022 
Knight Frank Kenya is a company of Knight Frank Uganda and Tanzania, which also operates in Uganda and Tanzania. Knight Frank was founded in 1998 and has now expanded its network to include other East and Central African countries.

Knight Frank's mission is to provide exceptional services to clients based on their extensive knowledge in international real estate markets. 

Optiven Enterprise Limited Kenya. 

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022 

This is one of Kenya's most dependable real estate firms nowadays. Optiven Enterprise has a reputation for acquiring great real estate for future development. As a result, when it comes to purchasing land, it is the greatest alternative.

Optiven Enterprise provides clients with advantageous bargains and ideas for futuristic projects that will pay off quickly once they begin. The majority of properties sold or purchased through Optiven are located near social facilities such as schools and hospitals.

The company has multiple locations in the United States, as well as in Kitengelea, Nairobi. The company's headquarters are on Loita Street, in Barclays Plaza. website 

Hass Consult Limited 

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022 
The real estate market has been greatly influenced by Hass Consult Limited. Since its inception in 1992, the company has offered clients with high-quality services.

Hass Consult provides a comprehensive variety of services, including residential and commercial construction. This firm also provides consulting services in the areas of real estate and property. 
Check website here 

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Villa Care Limited 

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022
Among all Kenyan real estate companies, Villa Care Limited has the best agents. The business focuses on offering clients with personalized services that are tailored to their specific requirements. 
The company's rapid expansion indicates that it is one of the greatest possibilities available. Villa Care is a part of Homes Universal, a conglomerate that operates in the real estate industry.

They are experts in:

Consultation on real estate
                            Residential property management and sales
                    Commercial premises of various types  
                       Website here  

Lloyd Masika 

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022 
This is the most well-known Registered Estate Agency and Valuation Firm. Clients in Kenya are served by the company. Lloyd Masika was founded in 1979 and has had great growth in terms of client services. Check website here 

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Azizi Realtors 

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022

This company was offered to provide professional consultancy services to clients. The company's personnel and directors have over 30 years of combined expertise. The firm has specialized in all aspects of the real estate industry. This encompasses the purchase, sale, rental, and management of residential properties. Check website Here 

Suraya Property Group 

Sue and Pete Muraya founded this company in 2006. Suraya Property Group aims to improve the way people live, work, and play via innovation.

Dinara Developers 

Dinara developers have established themselves as one of the most dependable and inexpensive housing providers in the country. Dinara developers buy enormous tracts of land and partition them into smaller parcels before selling them.

Before being sold to clients, the plots go through a number of value-added operations such as water and power installation. 

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Homescope Properties Limited

real estate companies in kenya , estate agencies Updated 2022

Homescope Properties is a developer and building consultant. The organization has been managing the creation and completion of complicated projects for over nine years. 

Gakuyo Real Estate 

Investors interested in agribusiness are targeted by this company. You gain a twofold profit for your investment with Gakuyo real estate company. The company will build up an agricultural project for you once you have purchased property.

You will own the property, and once the firm's product is ready for sale, you will be paid. As a result, as a customer, you get the property as well as the earnings from the agricultural project. 

Real Estate Companies Conclusion 

Many people in Kenya have benefited from real estate companies who have helped them avoid losing money and properties. Furthermore, many people have discovered ideal investing prospects for their future through real estate.

The companies listed above are doing an excellent job of assisting individuals in obtaining properties at reasonable pricing. They are areas where you can get property and buy it as an investment or as your first home.

As a result, the government collaborates closely with industry stakeholders to eliminate any fraudulent dealings that can tarnish the industry's reputation. 

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