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Bolt Taxify Driver Contact Number Details in Kenya and How Much Bolts Drivers Make and Earn in Kenya

Bolt Kenya 

Wherever you're going in the city under the sun, you can count on Bolt to get you there in minutes! At the touch of a button, the Bolt app will connect you with a local driver! 
Bolt, formerly Taxify, is Europe's and Africa's leading on-demand transportation platform. When you need a speedy, safe, and economical ride, use the Bolt app. Get a ride in minutes by downloading their app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Bolt allows you to travel in minutes. Good Value: They are dedicated to providing you with low-cost transportation in all cities. Check it out for yourself! Simple to use: Get what you need quickly. Bolt is a safe, dependable, and quick mode of transportation. Bolt drivers earn more money because of the modest commission they receive. 

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We're releasing some helpful earnings statistics, as well as our top suggestions and best practices, to help you get started driving with Bolt in Kenya. So get ready to earn money on your own conditions and be your own boss! 

What are the earnings of Bolt Drivers? 

Let's compare driving with Bolt in Kenya to working full-time (40 hours a week).
You can earn Ksh 3,000 in Nairobi and Ksh 2,080 in Mombasa if you work the same number of hours as an ordinary office worker. If you're one of Nairobi's top drivers, you may earn more than Ksh 115,000 at the end of the month. You'd earn Ksh 41,600 if you were in Mombasa.
Earnings for Bolt drivers are determined by two factors: performance and efficiency. You should take advantage of peak periods, bonuses, and surge pricing to increase your earnings. However, your pay will ultimately be determined by the total number of hours you drive. 

It's difficult to give a precise driver earnings figure because drivers set their own work hours and work in different cities. However, we've made the best estimate we can: Bolt drivers in Nairobi are paid Ksh 375 per hour, whereas those in Mombasa are paid Ksh 260 per hour. 

What fees do Bolt drivers pay? 

Every trip is subject to a 20% commission from Bolt. Bolt charges a 20 percent commission in Nairobi and a 20 percent commission in Mombasa.

You must also consider operational costs as a Bolt driver. We urge that you learn how to deduct your operating expenses as efficiently as possible (car repairs, fuel, etc.). 

How to maximise your earnings 

We're sharing some recommendations from top-performing Bolt drivers to help you boost your profits!

Take advantage of bonus offers 

To receive bonuses, you must achieve certain bonus requirements, such as trips taken during a specific time period, amount of hours spent online, or average rating.
We'll notify you through email, or you can check them out in the Bolt driver app. We'll tell you all you need to know about the bonus, including when it's valid and how much it's worth. The extra terms and conditions are also available in the app's Rewards section. 

Choose the best time to drive 

You'll learn the optimal times to get behind the wheel as a Bolt driver as your experience grows. Top drivers earn more money by driving during rush hours in the morning and evening and taking time off during low-demand hours. Remember that the more people that require a ride, the more money you'll make.

On weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., in the evenings from 4 to 7 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday evenings, for example, more passengers look for a trip. To increase your revenue and reduce downtime, take advantage of these peak driving periods.  

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Being at the right place at the right moment is essential. 

There are hotspot zones in each city where more trips are required. Because of the larger number of trips completed and higher surge pricing, drivers in these locations are likely to earn more. Here are a few suggestions:

Check arrival flight schedules to see what the optimum times are to wait for customers at airports;
Check timetables at bus or train terminals to see when they're busiest;
The Hub, Galleria, The Junction Mall, and Sarit Centre are examples of significant shopping malls. 

To start driving Bolt, you need: 

  1. Valid Driving licence
  2. Certificate of Good Conduct
  3. PSV Driving license (NTSA Badge)
  4. NTSA Inspection Report of your vehicle
  5. Valid PSV insurance 

Download the Bolt app  here Google Play   

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