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How iPay Provide Payment Solutions to Women in Business ipay Payment Method Legit

 Before i tell you about iPay payment method let me inform you What are online payments? 

What are online payments?

Being able to take online payments must be one of your top goals if you plan to sell online. After all, what are you hoping to gain by not having an established online payment system?
A simple definition of an online payment is the exchange of money online or the payment of products or services online. In essence, it's just a way to handle transactions electronically, using the internet to enable a direct database link between the parties purchasing and selling the product. This entails handling information from the buyer's selected payment method, typically a credit or debit card, an e-wallet, or a checking account.

.iPay to Provide Payment Solutions to Women in Business

In order to help member business owners receive and transfer payments securely and effectively online, iPay and Women in Business Community Network (WIB) have signed a memorandum of agreement.

The purpose of their cooperation with WIB as a payment service provider, according to Philip Nyamwaya, managing director of iPay, "is to ensure that women owned and women driven enterprises are positioned for success. By giving businesswomen a secure payment gateway, they can concentrate on their main goals without having to worry about receiving and disbursing funds.

With 1.5 million women working for small, medium, and big businesses, Women in Business serves as a one-stop shop for female entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the event, CEO of WIB, Mary Muthoni said, “We are urging our women to integrate their payments, iPay is a true and tested platform that will allow the women in business to transact in a safe and organised way. We kindly request that you use iPay solutions to eliminate paperwork, streamline payment processes, and integrate payment methods if you operate a store, kiosk, or e-commerce site.

With the help of the iPay payment system, businesses can accept payments swiftly, accept payments wisely, and track and use information to support decision-making. “ You will find a wide range of payment alternatives at iPay, ensuring the highest potential sale conversion. enables you to effectively manage your finances by allowing you to pay employees, vendors

.This is a game-changer for women in business, says Fatuma Dabasa, CEO of Urembo Hub, an e-commerce mobile and web-based digital platform for beauty items. We may now conduct moral business dealings with our vendors that accept payments through a variety of methods thanks to the iPay payment service. We have had no problems or delays in settling payments.

Give us an opportunity to serve you, Philip Nyamwaya asks for Women in Business in acknowledgement of how much women contribute to a country's GDP. We are eager for the chance to help you conduct your business more effectively, with grace and ease, in the future by coming up with wise solutions, and without missing a sale.

.Top benefit of iPay 

iPay, an innovative easy-to-use on-line payment processing solution. 

Using iPay has some benefits, such as:

  • Utilizing currently available shopping cart software, the ability to trace payments (
  • Receiving payments with Pesalink, mobile banking, mobile money, and credit cards: C2B
  • Transferring money to suppliers or employees. B2B, B2C
  • Purchasing tokens for power, water, pay TV, and airtime is possible via
  • Account opening is straightforward at
  • Create printable orders and receipts for better record keeping, as well as a straightforward order management dashboard.
  • All digital payment methods authorized in this market, including VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay credit and debit cards, M-PESA, Airtel Money & Bulkpay wallet, Eazzypay, PesaLink, and other payment methods, are accessible through iPay's single point of reference for payments.
  • The iPay platform may be used both in-store and online, and it provides the merchant with almost instantaneous settlement.
  • Additionally, they are able to accept payments from customers to businesses (C2B) using mobile payment options. However, they can also gather market intelligence from the target market in order to better tailor their product and service offerings to the specific needs of the market segment in question. 

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