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How to get more website traffic for free - Free traffic sources for your Website/Blog in Kenya


What is website traffic? 

The success of a website is determined by the amount of traffic it receives. Of again, someone who creates a website as a personal pastime (for example, a travel blogger) may not regard traffic to be vital. Understanding website traffic and developing strategies to increase it is critical for businesses and organizations to maintain steady growth. Host your Website HERE 

How do you measure website traffic 

There are a variety of methods for determining website traffic, including: 

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Session numbers 

This involves evaluating how effective traffic-building measures (SEO, PPC, etc.) have been since deployment by looking at the amount of visitors the website receives over a set period of time (one week, one month, etc.). 

Purchase percentage 

To succeed, online businesses that sell things through their websites rely on sales. The amount of visitors who make a purchase demonstrates how successful the site is at enticing consumers to buy. 

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