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How To Join Nawiri Sacco – Contacts, Loans, Mobile Banking, Paybill, Branches


Nawiri Sacco  We Shall cover below How To Join Nawiri Sacco , Nawiri Sacco Contacts,  Nawiri Sacco Loans, Nawiri Sacco  Mobile Banking, Nawiri Sacco Paybill and Nawiri Sacco  Branches

In today article i need us to know about Nawiri Sacco  We Shall cover below How To Join Nawiri Sacco , Nawiri Sacco Contacts,  Nawiri Sacco Loans, Nawiri Sacco  Mobile Banking, Nawiri Sacco Paybill and Nawiri Sacco  Branches   

What is SACCOs? 

Savings and Credit Co-Operative Society is referred to as SACCOs. It is a member-based financial institution that runs on cooperative identities, values, and principles, including social responsibility, openness, honesty, and care for one another.

In plain English, it's a self-help community where individuals pool their savings and provide loans to other members. SACCOs were established primarily to help the poor learn how to manage their limited resources, which would help combat poverty.

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A SACCO is a self-help, distinct, democratic, member-driven cooperative. It is governed, owned, and managed by its members, who have ties to one another similar to a labor union, such as employment with the same company, membership in the same church or social fraternity, or residence in the same neighborhood. 

.Nawiri Sacco 

In Embu County, where coffee and tea production is the primary economic activity, they are situated right on Mount Kenya's slopes. 

The Embu District Co-operative Union served as the foundation for Nawiri Sacco. In 1979, it began as a union banking division, and in 1998, it changed its name to Embu Sacco. From two branches at first to eight branches now dispersed throughout the county, it has continued to expand over time.
In order to include participants from all economic sectors and develop beyond of Embu County, they changed company name to Nawiri Sacco in 2009. 

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Nawiri Sacco Branches 

  • Embu
  • Runyenjes
  • Kairuri
  • Kianjokoma
  • Kathangariri
  • Mbuvori
  • Kiritiri Branch
  • Kanja 

.Top Banking Support Services 

  • Paperless banking
  • Inter Branch Connectivity
  • Mobile services
  • M-pesa Services
  • ATM Services
  • Safe custody of documents
  • Advisory services 

Money Transmission    

  • Standing orders
  • Counter payments
  • Mobile Services
  • Bulk payments
  • Cheque payments
  • Salary processing
  • Remittances
  • Sacco voucher
  • Share transfers 

.Nawiri Sacco Mobile Banking 

You can use the 24 Hour Mobile Banking Services by transferring funds to your Mpesa account and visiting a Mpesa agent nearby to withdraw them. 

Nawiri Sacco Tenders 

Periodically, Nawiri Sacco issues tenders; for further information, get in touch with the sacco using the information below. 

Nawiri Sacco Loans 

  • Advances
  • Welfare loan
  • Agricultural loan
  • Development loan
  • C.O.D.F. loan
  • Biashara loan
  • Micro Finance Loan
  • Bebabeba Loan
  • Maziwa Loan
  • Vijana Loan 

.Nawiri Sacco Contacts Details  

  • Nawiri Sacco Society Ltd
  • P.O Box 400-16100, Embu. 
  • 011 322 44 56
  • Office Hours Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4 PM, Saturday 8:30 AM – 1 PM, Sunday & Public holidays - Closed
  • Website


For many millions of individuals around the world, SACCOs have represented trust and confidence when it comes to funding. It was just a matter of time until SACCOs underwent this digital transition, with the most recent digital technology upending the banking industry and the epidemic causing individuals to remain indoors and preserve social distance.

We may witness significant progress toward digitizing SACCOs in the years to come. This digitization might broaden the scope of fintech in ways we never anticipated.  

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