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Is it Easy to Own an Electric Car in Kenya , Electric Cars Review


Is it Easy to Own an Electric Car in Kenya ,  Electric Cars Review

If you need to own Electric Car in kenya you will face Challenges and today i need to cover with you the Challenges 

10 Challenges of Owning an Electric Car in Kenya 

The country's recent fuel shortage has shown weaknesses in its supply chain structure, raising more questions than it has resolved over the cause of the crisis.

Dealers of electric cars who can offer a replacement for diesel engines can take advantage of the situation, which has not yet been fully handled.
However, because Kenya has not fully accepted these models, there are several disadvantages that drivers are likely to experience before purchasing a fully electric car in the nation. examines some of the difficulties an owner of an electric vehicle can encounter. 

Repair Difficulties 

In Kenya, the cost of repairing an electric vehicle is extremely high. There aren't many experts, so drivers can't just take their car to any nearby shop for repairs. All-electric vehicles demand specific servicing and maintenance procedures as well as exceptionally high safety standards, regardless of the kind and model. 

Additionally, because batteries burn at a considerably higher temperature than other materials, the owner is not permitted to use water to put out a fire instead of the proper fire extinguisher. 

Fluctuating Temperature 

If left alone for a prolonged period of time in extremely low temperatures, electric vehicles always experience problems. Electric vehicles may occasionally exhibit particular problems in regions prone to extremely low temperatures, such as Limuru, Nanyuki, and Meru. The loss of battery power is the most frequent problem. 

Highway Driving Consumption 

Comprehending electric automobiles is much harder than understanding engines that run on gasoline. To prevent running out of battery while on the highway, a motorist must be aware of the energy consumption cycle. 

Charging Stations 

In Kenya, electric cars are a relatively new phenomenon that are primarily seen in Nairobi. In distant locations, it is nearly impossible to find charging stations. This makes it challenging for drivers who live outside of the city to obtain them.

Long Trip Issues 

Electric vehicles may not be the best option for long distance travel in Kenya, according to established records. The majority of electric vehicles in the nation are utilized primarily for short trips. As an illustration, Nopea Ride only provides taxi services in Nairobi, whereas BasiGo provides matatu rides on city routes. 

 Cannot be the Only car in a Household

In general, owning an electric car has various restrictions. The majority of them are unable to meet household transportation needs.

This is particularly true if you require a trustworthy vehicle that can complete the task at hand, including performing some off-road work on difficult terrains. 


A few laws regulate the ownership of electric vehicles in Kenya. The creation of policies that would accommodate the use of electric vehicles is still a challenge for insurance firms.
A clear framework governing the usage of electric vehicles in the nation has also not been offered by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). 

Threatening Existing Economy Model 

According to some economists, the current economic structure will be destroyed by the widespread manufacturing of electric vehicles and the emphasis on this technology.

That will then have an impact on Kenyan politics and all of the nation's monetary systems. The world might be headed for another catastrophe if the oil giants lose their monopoly on energy and the oil-rich countries lose their influence on the international political stage. 

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