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The 5 Best Online Businesses in Kenya to Start in 2022


If you’re thinking about starting your own business, there are many different types of businesses you can choose from. But if you’re hoping to start an online business in Kenya, then it’s important to consider the profitability of each type of business, as well as its overall success rate and ease of operation. We’ve rounded up the five best online businesses to start in Kenya in 2022 below, so you can get started today! 

  1, Starting Website design & Development Business

Starting a website design & development business is one of those professions where your earnings are literally determined by how much time you’re willing to invest. Most of your clients will be small businesses looking for a fast, affordable solution. To set yourself apart, consider offering free site audits as part of your service or partnering with other businesses (like hosting or SEO companies) who can refer customers your way. Starting Web Hosting Reseller Business: Starting a web hosting reseller business requires little capital investment up front. 

2, Web hosting Reseller Business 

Another wonderful business you may start in Kenya with little or no cash is an online business. You can then expand it into a large company and profit handsomely from it.

In this business, you acquire web hosting for a low price and then sell it for a higher price after adding promotions such as promotional banners, social media advertisements, and so on. 


  • A computer with access to the internet.
  • To promote your web hosting packages, you'll need marketing expertise.
  • You'll need a website to list and sell subscriptions to clients.
  • Having access to a reputable web hosting company that offers reseller plans
  • Setting up a payment gateway, such as M-Pesa, is possible.
  • Customer service abilities
  • Web hosting knowledge and related skills 
If they are delivering services to Kenyan clients, resellers should be registered businesses. 

3, Blogging  

Another online business in Kenya where many individuals make fantastic money is blogging. You can advertise affiliate products and other people's businesses through blogging.

This is one of the easiest internet companies in Kenya to start because it requires no particular skills or equipment; all you need is passion and time to write decent blog content. 


4, Online tutoring business

Many Kenyans require online tutoring, and this is one of the most profitable online businesses in Kenya. Online tutoring entails teaching pupils via the internet, from the comfort of your own home or elsewhere.

These pupils pay for your services online through PayPal or M-Pesa, which eliminates the need for you to deal with cash. Tutors can get the appropriate knowledge via online learning systems like YouTube EDU.  

5, YouTube channel business 

Many young Kenyans are starting Vlogging and earning money online, as you may have noticed. This is one of Kenya's most exciting online businesses, and you can get started right away and see your revenue develop quickly. 


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