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The Best Way to Start a Youtube Channel in Kenya and Earn Money

 YouTube channels are becoming more and more popular in Kenya, as people see it as an easy way to earn money and make a name for themselves on the internet, which they can use to help them with their careers in the future. If you’re interested in starting your own Youtube channel, here are some things you should know before you get started. The following strategies are designed to help you create the best Youtube channel possible, and put your videos in front of the eyes of as many people as possible so that you can grow your channel and earn money from it in the future. 

How to choose the right niche 

Now that you have an idea of what type of channel you want to start, it’s time to think about which topic or niche you’ll focus on. YouTube is massive, so there’s no shortage of niches—and they don’t all have a high chance of success. The best way to find your ideal niche is by examining your own interests. Think back over your favorite movies and shows; what were they about? 

How do I make a high-quality video? 

Regardless of what you’re vlogging about, it’s important that your video is high-quality. Investing in good equipment will always pay off—especially if you start making money with your channel. 

How do I edit my videos?

The best way to start editing your videos is by learning how to use audacity. It is an open source tool used for audio recording. However, you can always look up tutorials online on how you can edit videos using different applications such as video spress or power director. 

What equipment do I need for shooting great videos? 

Shooting great videos doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a decent camera (make sure it can shoot 1080p or higher), an idea, and some practice. If you already have a smart phone, you can create a professional-looking YouTube channel with just that! Apps like Filmic Pro let your iPhone or Android device act as an external video camera—perfect for recording simple tutorials on your kitchen countertop. 

What equipment do I need for editing videos? 

As you start your YouTube channel, it’s important to consider what kind of editing software will work best for you. We’ve collected some recommended video-editing apps that anyone can use—whether or not they own an expensive piece of equipment like an iPhone or Mac computer. 

Should I have a website? 

If you’re serious about making money from your YouTube channel, then getting your own website is an absolute must. Getting your own site lets you control all aspects of your online presence, and will also give you one easy place for people to visit. Check Truehost to help you Host your website online 

What software do I need for youtube marketing? 

To start your own YouTube channel, all you need is a computer or smart phone (to record videos), an internet connection, some basic editing software, and money for marketing purposes. The most important tool you will need is your brain: You’ll have to come up with ideas for videos that will both engage people on YouTube while getting them to click on links back to your website/shop.  

How do I boost my channel views on youtube 

There are four basic steps you need to take before launching your channel. Make sure you nail these first, or else you risk failing before even getting started. First, choose a niche that makes sense for your current situation. If you’re just starting out on YouTube, it might not make sense to pick a subject like piano if you have no experience playing piano. Second, think about creating content that people actually want to watch. 

Do Youtube Marketing through social media platforms really work in Kenya? 

So many successful YouTubers have used their platforms to launch businesses. The secret behind their success is that they built up a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. This is why it’s important to start building up your online presence through these same channels. If you need help figuring out how start doing so,

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