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What is the best alternative kplc token paybill in kenya ( alternative kplc token number )


Kenya Power and Lighting Company 

Kenya Power and Lighting Company, sometimes known as Kenya Power or KPLC, is a Kenyan public liability company that transmits, distributes, and retails energy to customers across the country. 
Kenya Power is a Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed public business (NSE). Electric metering, licensing, billing, emergency energy delivery, and customer relations are all managed by the corporation, which is a national electric utility. 

 Dynamo Tokens: Dont Use this , Scam 

Due to the problems created by the delay, KPLC tokens can be very annoying at times. Dynamo Pawa promised to change this narrative when it first began, but based on what I've seen recently, the brand has outlived its purpose. When Dynamo Pawa was started a few years ago, it promised Kenyans the ease of acquiring KPLC tokens using M-Pesa. 

Until late 2018, when I began to receive a flood of comments from my distinguished readers expressing their dissatisfaction with Dynamo tokens, the company delivered on its promise for the greater part of 2018. Dynamo Pawa has clearly relegated its promise to Kenyans, as evidenced by the comments on this story. 

How to Pay KPLC Bill via Mpesa  Recommended  

I've decided to remove Dynamo Pawa from my list of convenient companies where you can acquire tokens because I believe in offering people value. The fastest way to buy KPLC tokens nowadays, in my experience, has been through the KPLC pay bill number 888880. 

I quit using Dynamo after becoming frustrated, just like you, and my go-to number has been KPLC PAYBILL number 888880. KPLC sends the tokens pretty instantly after acquiring them with the Paybill number 888880, and the longest I've had to wait is 5 minutes. 

.Method 1

Buying  Tokens Using PAYBILL 888880  

  • Go to the Mpesa menu and click it.
  • choose Lipa na Mpesa from the drop-down menu.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Enter 888880 as the company phone number.
  • As the account number, enter the meter number.
  • Following that, you must input the amount of money, followed by a pin and confirmation. Following the purchase, the user receives the tokens through text message. 

How to Pay KPLC Bill via Mpesa 

Kenya Power Prepaid Tokens can be purchased with Mpesa or Airtel money. Both subscribers must follow the same steps to purchase tokens.
Customers can now purchase tokens from The Power and Lighting Company using the Paybill number 888880.

Note: Dial '100' followed by the 'Enter' key on your meter to get the serial number. A 11-digit meter serial number will be shown on the meter.  

Method 2  

Use Jazapay 

Bill payments just got better 

All from the convenience of your own home.

Any simple and convenient method of keeping track of your utility costs. Checking and paying power bills, purchasing prepaid tokens, subscription television, water bills, and mobile airtime recharge for you and your loved ones are just a few of the services available. 


  • Dial *415 # in your phone 
  • Choose option 2 KPLC .
  • Key in option 1 , Pay KPLC token,
  • Enter Prepaid meter Number ,
  • Add amount ,
  • Press 1 to confirm Details 
  • Mpesa Pop up will appear enter pin and you will finalize transaction 

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