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AGITECH Seedlings , Products Services About and Contact Details .

AGITECH Seedlings , Products Services About and Contact Details .

 A fully owned subsidiary of KL Ventures Limited is Agitech Seedlings. They are a stand-alone unit for the propagation of seedlings in central Kenya. They grow seedlings of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and trees for farmers of all sizes, from commercial to home gardens, and efficiently distribute them across the country.

This team is made up of professionals that have experience with effective agro-input distribution in the greater Mt. Kenya region and who possess the necessary knowledge and awareness of farmers' demands. 

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They have the knowledge and skills necessary to propagate a wide range of plant species. Their propagation facilities are set up to meet the needs of young seedlings. To meet the needs of all cherished clients, they continuously learn, grow, and increase their capabilities.

They primarily deal with sales of seedlings of tomatoes, watermelons, cabbages, and other horticulture produce in Kenya from their advantageous location along the Embu-Nairobi Road. The farming community in Kirinyaga County and the surrounding areas receives seedlings from them  Their dedication to farmers is three-fold and is shown in every sale and service they provide: accessibility, availability, and all-inclusiveness. 

Agitech services include 

  • Seed propagation
  • Cuttings propagation
  • Agronomy Support
  • Rice seedlings (Coming soon)
  • Crop information 

Contact  Details 

Visit  Office

P.O. BOX 335-10303,
Wang'uru, Kenya. 


Mon - Friday: 09.00am to 05.00pm 

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