How to Choose a Solar Panel For Use In Kenya


Find out How You Choose Your New Solar Panel 

You've made the decision to put solar panels at your house in order to generate your own (clean!) electricity, but you're not sure which solar panels to pick. This list should help you make a wise buy, we hope. Always bear in mind that purchasing a solar panel system is a long-term investment, so there are many factors to consider besides just the cost. 

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Solar Panel Cost 

When evaluating solar panels, this is likely the first consideration for most people. The cost of a solar panel is affected by a number of factors, including the size (in Watts), physical size, brand, material quality, durability (or warranty period), and any certifications the solar panel may have.

A crucial tip for selecting solar panels is to take the price into account. The least cost panel might not be the most efficient or even the greatest choice when looking at the long run, therefore it shouldn't be the only consideration taken into account. Solar panels can be risky to choose, but they have a long lifespan (more than 30 years),
Therefore, picking a high-quality system is more crucial than going with the cheapest choice.


Solar Panel Quality 

This considers the solar panel's manufacturing process and the caliber of the materials utilized to construct it. The quality, cost, and efficiency of the panels produced by various manufacturers vary. Manufacturers of solar panels with vertical integration have complete control over the entire production process. They pay close attention to quality and make significant investments in research and development (R&D). There are other producers who only put panels together, but they often don't make their own cells and don't spend money on R&D. They make panels at the lowest cost but with a higher human production rate.  

It is a good idea to look into a company's history or reviews before choosing a solar panel supplier to see how previous customers have felt about each option. Since you'll be investing a lot of money, it's critical to do some research to see whether customers are happy with the product and customer service, as well as whether the business delivered on its promises. 

 Energy Efficiency  

The amount of light that is converted into electrical energy by a solar panel determines how much power your system will produce. The better, the more effective (and more expensive). Purchasing the largest and most effective solar panel is not always the best option since you risk paying more money than necessary to meet your energy needs.

You should evaluate your needs and choose the panel that best meets them. This means that you shouldn't undervalue your requirements but also shouldn't overestimate them either. Similar to that, you don't need a Ferrari to drive your kids to school (you can have it of course, but you can do the same spending a lot less). 

Temperature Coefficient 

This is a reference to how heat affects how effectively solar panels work once they are installed. The better the percentage per degree Celsius, as warming solar panels hastens their aging. 


This can be a sign of the manufacturer's trust in its goods. Solar panels often come with a 25-year warranty (as long as the company operates). If the manufacturer does not provide a lengthy warranty period, you might assume that their product is inferior and that they do not want to accept any liability. In this situation, exercise caution to avoid being duped by an appealing price because you might come to regret it later.

Of course, keeping your solar panels in good condition will lengthen their lifespan. Fortunately, they don't need a lot of maintenance and are simple to care for. 


Both the actual size and the size in Watts are considered. Make sure you install a solar panel system that is large enough to power all of your appliances and that it can be installed in the area needed. The actual dimensions of the panel will vary based on the system's power (the bigger the panel, the more Watts it has) and the kind of solar cells that were utilized to make it.

A 4kW solar system would normally be needed for an ordinary household. Watts are tied to the panel's output (a 200 Watt panel will, under ideal circumstances, produce 200 Watt-hours every hour, whereas a 100 Watt panel will produce 100 Watt hours), and they are also directly related to the cost of the panel. 

The solar panel's wattage is likely the most crucial factor to get right because predicting it incorrectly will result in insufficient energy production and calculating it correctly would result in spending more money than is necessary. 

Types of Solar Cells Used 

Different solar panel types and efficiency are available. Even though their names may be unclear, it is a good idea to know that, if your supplier occurs to say this, at least the name is not off-topic.

With a tiny footprint, monocrystalline silicon has high efficiency and good heat tolerance properties. Solar panels made of polycrystalline (or multi-crystalline) silicon cells are now the most popular option for residential installations. Amorphous (or thin-film) silicon cells are another option, however they are not very effective and consume the least amount of silicon. A crystalline panel will be smaller than an amorphous panel for a same wattage.

Find the Right Solar Panel System for Your Home 

Now that you are equipped, you may explore the world of solar energy and select the solar panel system that best meets your demands. Always evaluate various offerings to choose which vendor you find more believable. 

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