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How To Install A Gotv Decoder Step By Step Process Full GUIDE Tips

 In 2011, Multichoice brought GOtv, a low-cost digital pay-TV service, to the Kenyan market. You may access a variety of entertainment content with GOtv, such as TV shows, sports, movies, kid's programming, news, and much more. The GOtv Kenya packages, costs, and channels are as follows:

Channels, packages, and costs for GOtv in Ksh

The cost of GOtv plans in Kenya is as follows: 

  • GOtv Max costs Ksh 1,070 monthly.
  • GOtv Plus costs Ksh 815 monthly.
  • Value of GOTV: Ksh 510 per month
  • The cost of GOtv Lite monthly is Ksh 255.
  • GOtv Lite: Ksh 610 per month for a quarter.
  • Monthly cost for GOtv Lite Annual: Ksh 1,525 

1, Assemble Your Gotenna 

This is how the GOtenna appears right out of the packaging.

  • Pull the cord through the antenna grid's center. 

  • Attach the cable to the antenna's yellow plastic box using screws.

  • Slide the waterproof sleeve over once it is secured. 


  • Attach the green and red plastic boxes on the antenna to the green and red plastic clips on the antenna grid, respectively, until they click. (Red and green are connected, and vice versa.) 

  • Put the U bracket through the antenna's center. 

  • Place the flat side of the first pole bracket against the GOtenna grid and above the U bracket.

Put the GOtenna grid's outward-facing pole bracket up against a straight pole. Make sure the yellow box's down arrow is facing down before using the included wing nuts to secure the second pole bracket to the pole.


Locate a spot where there are no barriers between the GOtenna and the transmitter of the signal. Tip the GOtenna in the direction of the transmitter. Your GOtenna should be slowly moved to the left or right until the strongest signal is located. This information will be visible on the signal lever bar on your TV. Then secure your GOtenna in place.

2, how to Install your GOtv decoder 

  • Utilize the included Audio and Video (AV) cables to connect your decoder to the TV.

  • Connect the GOtenna to the decoder's RF IN connector. Connect an HDMI cable in its place if you have one.
  • Before plugging the other end into the plug point, connect the power supply unit to the decoder. then turn on the wall (GOtv recommends the use of a power surge protector).

  • Turn on the TV, then use the TV remote control's AV button to select the proper AV channel. The set-up screen will come after the GOtv logo, which will display after 20 seconds. 

Note: The signal detection screen will automatically be displayed if the GOtv decoder does not finish scanning. You might now need to shift the GOtenna about until the signal is strongest by pointing it in the general direction of the GOtv transmitter. At this time, you should fix your GOtenna for good.

Your decoder can be used once you see the GOchannel. 

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