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Advertisement Reviews Is It Scam Or Legit , Be alert . Reviews Is It Scam Or Legit , Be alert .

These days, there are many various approaches to succeed on Instagram and outperform your competitors.

In truth, there is no end to what you can do to significantly improve your Instagram engagement strategy when it comes to the social media marketing sector in general.

The problem is that if you don't use the best strategy for your business and niche, you can end yourself lagging behind your competitors.

This is where independent businesses in the social media market sector step in.

There are many experts out there, but there are also those who are merely looking to take advantage of you, particularly if you are new to the field. 

.Let's examine one business in particular to see if it's worthwhile to invest your time in it.

Instafollowers Review 

The type of business that makes this promise about its abilities is Instafollowers. They can assist you with Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud in addition to Instagram and other social media platforms.

You might think this is a nice idea, but we believe they are selling fake engagements. 

.+ Positive: 

Secure Site 

A major bonus is that Instafollowers was able to safeguard their website. As a result, you will be able to visit it safely and worry less about viruses damaging your computer.

Additionally, it implies that you are free to post private information on the website at any time without worrying about it being compromised or stolen.
We do, however, believe that this is a fundamental degree of security and does not indicate whether they are genuine or not.

To settle this once and for all, we'll need to look a little further. 

Visible Pricing 

The pricing for Instafollowers is clearly displayed on their website, but you have to go to a different page to see it.

This earns a thumbs up in our book because many businesses simply place them on their homepage, which we view as being lazy.
While you would believe that entering your username is all that is necessary to earn your Instagram engagement, we don't.

The fact that they don't really need anything to send you your engagement should be a warning sign because legitimate businesses will request a little bit more information than this. 

.FAQ and Help Page 

Although Instafollowers' website contains a good deal of information on how they operate, including a FAQ section, we don't believe this is sufficient to recommend them.

In fact, we believe that most of the content has more to do with expanding your social media presence generally than it does with any particular characteristics.

Before you sign up for anything, if you want to learn more about them, you must contact them directly, which could be a difficult procedure. 


Real Reviews 

It is clear that Instafollower isn't transparent about giving their customers authentic reviews so they can decide whether they are legitimate or not.

We couldn't really locate any favorable reviews on their website, so we strongly advise you to conduct additional research and visit external forums.
Even if you find nice reviews on independent forums, we believe there is a strong likelihood that they will either be unfavorable or fake and at the very least be deceptive.

Companies like these will find it difficult to obtain favorable, sincere testimonials from past customers, thus the fact that these aren't readily available on their website should raise suspicions. 

.Payment Gateway is Secure 

One of the most crucial aspects of managing an ongoing service, especially if you're doing it online, is having a secure payment channel.

Your customers should have the peace of mind that they may pay their bills without worrying about whether or not their credit card information will be stolen.

Of course, we couldn't uncover anything similar here because their attention has been mostly on their features and they don't really care whether or not their customers' security is up to par. 

.Before you Wait your Money and Time  

I visited other websites that offer review for instaFollowers and found below comments Reviews Is It Scam Or Legit , Be alert . 
Below is also another comment i found , 

This company is FRAUD & full of false promises/claims!
I had 7040 followers to begin with so after buying 500 premium followers, it was 7540.
I mainly opted in for this company as they said "The number of your followers will not decrease and it is guaranteed. We give our promise that we will recompensate all possible decreases for 6 months after the purchase."
And these are all LIES. Ever since I bought their service, the followers kept Unfollowing or their accounts are disappearing from instagram.
Everytime I contacted them, they tell me my guaranteed number is 7540 and they will only refill if my number drops below 7540.
I gain a few followers everyday naturally so my follower number keep going up (more than 7540) and then keep going down (when their followers are unfollowing or disappearing from instagram). I gained over 250 followers naturally after I bought from them so my follower number should be at 7540 + 250 = 7790. But it's never reaching 7790, because their followers keeps Unfollowing and they only care about their "guaranteed number"
I contacted them several times and told them and showed them screenshots of their "followers" Unfollowing me but they refuse to refill as they say "we will only refill if the number drops below the guaranteed number of 7540" even when I showed screenshots of their followers Unfollowing. But they refuse to refill.
1. Their claim of "the number of followers will not decrease" is FALSE
2. Their claim of "recompensate all possible decreases for 6 months" is FALSE.
3. They were very clever and never mentioned that they have a "guaranteed number" and they will NOT refill even if their "followers" are unfollowing as long your total follower number is above their guaranteed number. (As if people never gain Followers Naturally or will never go above their guaranteed number).
Anyone who is looking for buy anything from this website, please DO NOT waste your money. Stay away from scammers like this.
You will never get the refill that they promise you. Your follower number will never be able to go up even if you're gaining followers naturally or from other sources because the "followers" they provided are unfollowing everyday. I'm pretty sure the 500 followers I paid for, they will all soon go away (hundreds of them already gone) Reviews Is It Scam Or Legit , Be alert . 

Is Instafollowers Safe to Use? Is It a Scam? 

In the end, we don't believe that using these guys is safe for you.

They have made some effort to improve their website, and there are a few features that we like, but ultimately they are just selling their customers fake engagement.

We promise a low engagement rate because all of their engagement is low-quality and inexpensive.

In the short term, it might make your Instagram profile look good, but we bet that it will eventually start to fall off again and damage your reputation. 

Review Summary 


The type of business that makes this promise about its abilities is Instafollowers. They can assist you with Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud in addition to Instagram and other social media platforms. You might think this is a nice idea, but we believe they are peddling phony engagements.

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