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Mawingu wifi networks Price and mawingu packages Review,



Best WIFI for businesses and homes, in this post i will show you full details , Mawingu wifi  networks Price and  mawingu packages Review, 

 mawingu packages Review, 

  • Upto 10 mbps =4000 installation fee and 2500 subscription fee.
  • Upto 15 mbps =3000 installation fee and 3500 subscription fee.
  • Upto 20 mbps =2000 installation fee and 4500 subscription fee  
Secure broadband infrastructure is built by Mawingu for homes and small enterprises. They travel to both isolated and built-up locations.

From 5 Megabytes per second (Mbps) for residential usage to 1 Terabyte per second (Tbps) for business use, their networks can handle it all. 

You may smoothly connect to the internet with Mawingu from one public hotspot to the next. A hotspot is a designated location where you may use WiFi to access the Internet on a device. Throughout Kenya, we have constructed hundreds of hotspots. To locate the closest one, download the Mawingu app from the Google Play Store. To assist you in getting online, a Mawingu agent supports each hotspot locally.

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