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6 Tips for Buying a Water Storage Tank in Kenya – Know before You Buy Choosing Tanks


There are many companies in kenya you can think of to help you buy tanks but today am going to give you tips you need to consider when choosing a good tank 

6 Tips for Buying a Water Storage Tank in Kenya  – Know before You Buy  Choosing Tanks  

Every type of facility, whether commercial, industrial, or residential, need water storage tanks. In Kenya, there are numerous businesses that produce and offer high-quality water storage tanks. You should be aware of a few key elements that affect these tanks' quality before making an investment in such products. 
While purchasing a water tank for your property, you as the buyer should keep a few things in mind. 

The Purpose of Buying the Tank 

Why is the tank necessary to purchase? Is it for your own use or for business property? A tank that is appropriate for household use cannot properly service clients in the industrial or commercial sectors. Therefore, consider your needs first before choosing the appropriate tank type for you. 

What Materials Are Used

To ensure durability and safety, examine the materials utilized in the tank. Using tanks made of subpar materials will endanger your health. Additionally, they cannot endure the harsh weather conditions. To ensure the longest longevity, search for water tanks built entirely of virgin material. 

Does the Product Come with a Guarantee

To determine the quality of the products, look for water tanks with a warranty. You can anticipate a greater warranty the higher the quality. In order to provide their customers with a higher level of service, the leading tank manufacturers in Kenya typically provide a least of 30 years of warranty (If Manufacture fault) for their products. 

Has the Tank Tested and Passed the QC Analysis 

Learn about the Quality Check and Analysis process used by a manufacturer before you buy a tank from them. Before being sold for its intended application, the tank must pass a rigorous quality control process. Make sure the tank you are purchasing has through these testing and received the best results. This will guarantee both the excellent quality and durability of the items. 

What is the Experience and Reputation of the Manufacturer 

Always purchase loft tanks or water storage tanks in Kenya from businesses with a good reputation there. The business should have a long history of manufacturing and providing tanks and a solid reputation for their high caliber goods and services. 

Know Your Requirements 

Investigate the tanks on the market, including their sizes. To purchase the proper product within your price range, try to get information from the manufacturer about the ideal size and design of your water tanks.

In Kenya, KenTank is not your typical tank manufacturer. Due to our excellent customer service and high-quality products, we have built a solid name and credibility in the market.

They have been giving our customers the greatest items on the market with more than 30 years of warranty for more than 25 years.

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  • Tanks are double layered to ensure the inner layer is white which allows us to view the condition (dirt) inside the tank more clearly during inspection so that you enjoy a clean and healthy water at all times; the outer layer prevents UV penetration.
  • Manufactured with extra  carbon black compounded material for durability 
  • Algae formation protection
  • Cost Effective solution
  • Rust Proof
  • Molded to seamless protection
  • Light Weight
  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • No maintenance required 
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