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Bulk WhatsApp Blaster Marketing Software - Send Personalized WhatsApp Messages In Kenya , Review

Bulk WhatsApp Blaster Marketing Software - Send Personalized WhatsApp Messages In Kenya , Review

 I found this service here in kenya and in my opinion the service  will grow your business 


Bulk An easy-to-use Windows-based commercial software program called WhatsApp Blaster was developed to deliver WhatsApp messages to BULK MOBILE NUMBERS. Please take note that neither a Mac nor a mobile device can download the software. Only the iPad, laptop, or desktop can be used with it. 

With the help of this program, any user can instantly email audio, text, photos, PDFs, and videos to THOUSANDS of other users. To handle such crucial tasks as delivering notifications, reminders, promotions, or any other messages to thousands of mobile phone users, this bulk WhatsApp sender can be integrated into any organization's day-to-day administrative processes. Any type of communication, in any setting or sector, can be done with the app. 

It is an app that gives any organization a platform to send messages to a sizable number of mobile phone users at once, including notifications, reminders, newsletters, alerts, promotions, and other messages.

Additionally, it can be used by groups like churches to communicate with their members in bulk, schools to communicate with parents in bulk, political groups to communicate with followers in bulk, welfare groups to communicate with residents in their communities, and so forth and so on. This app has a truly enormous market. 

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1, Send messages to many users at once with just one click. The technology can be utilized anywhere in the world, and messages can be transmitted to any nation. 
2, Send a personalized WhatsApp message containing the recipient's name, for example, "Dear First Name, How Are You?"
3, By simply importing or copying and pasting, you may quickly manage your whole list of thousands of contacts.
4, Strong WhatsApp, Campaigns Management, & Campaigns Scheduler.
5, All communications should have a registered mobile phone number as the sender ID.
6, Use multiple senders
7, This platform is prepared for any size of dependable worldwide delivery. Regular and Free Software Updates
8, The dashboard's default color scheme is green, but you can choose any other color.
9, If you follow the special instructions included in the software, you are also permitted to send WhatsApp messages to users whose mobile devices DO NOT have your number saved or to users who DO NOT HAVE YOUR NUMBER SAVED IN THEIR MOBILE PHONE. (This capability is perfect for those who want to contact potential clients or consumers via WhatsApp.)

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10, comes with a blocking system that uses artificial intelligence to protect your sending.

11, You can take notes and send contacts and messages to various WhatsApp groups.
12, You can send after filtering contacts using various criteria.
13, You may program bots to automatically respond when someone messages you back.
14, A thorough sending report that informs your subsequent sending process is provided at the conclusion of each sending. 


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