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How to Pick and Buy the Perfect Chromebook In Kenya


In the market for a new Chromebook? Let us assist you in selecting the ideal Chromebook for your requirements. 

You need consider device depth or thickness in addition to screen size, which is determined by measuring the device diagonally from corner to corner. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, for instance, weighs 0.39 "While both laptops are 13.3", the Google Pixelbook Go is only 0.50" thick.

Despite 0.11 "even though it may not seem like much on paper, the difference is noticeable if you hold the two objects in your hands or see them side by side.

The weight of the device is the last factor to consider, at least in terms of portability. Chromebooks typically weigh between two and four pounds, and larger machines will certainly weigh more. Body materials like plastic, aluminum, etc. can also have a significant impact. 

In conclusion? Your best option for an all-purpose Chromebook will be one with a 15.6" or larger screen, but a 13.3" screen is better if you travel frequently; in this instance, you should also consider weight and slimness. When you're carrying something about for hours, even a single pound might add up. 

Chromebook Performance 

Right off the beginning, let's be clear: Chromebooks aren't yet intended to be high-performance devices. They're not necessarily bad, but you should have realistic expectations before making a purchase.

Expect subpar video performance because the majority of Chromebooks have integrated graphics cards, which perform noticeably less than dedicated graphics cards. For streaming videos from Skype and YouTube, integrated cards work just well, but they're not the best for playing games. There are also other variants available with specialized graphics cards.

On the other hand, the graphics card has less of an impact on picture quality than the design of the screen. Other Chromebooks offer better contrast while even others have darker blacks and brighter whites. 

Without directly comparing with your own eyes, it's difficult to determine what is "excellent" or "poor" in terms of picture quality because the specs aren't standardized.

    The CPU of a Chromebook is the key factor in performance. Knowing which of two CPUs is "better" these days can be a little complicated, but we have a terrific post on how to grasp Intel's laptop CPU models that will make everything obvious for you in no time.

In spite of the fact that Chromebooks do have a variety of CPUs, some of which are superior to others, they are still not very powerful. However, a quad- or octa-core Intel i5 processor from a more recent generation would be preferable. A MediaTek, Exynos, or Snapdragon SoC may be used in place of an Intel or AMD processor in some Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are suitable for anything that runs in a browser, including simple image/photo editing, working with spreadsheets and documents, streaming HD video, and even playing music. You desire more than that? You may need something other than a Chromebook altogether, or you'll have to spend a lot of money on premium models like the ASUS Chromebook CX9 or Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Enterprise.

Therefore, it's preferable to pay more attention to the RAM size than the processor speed. Many Chromebooks only have 4GB of RAM, which is not much unless you just plan on using one browser tab at a time. A device with at least 8GB of RAM, such the HP Chromebook x360 14, is recommended for best performance. 

There are always a few suggestions for enhancing your Chromebook end-user experience, regardless of the model you choose. 

Chromebook Storage, Battery Life, and More 

Before making a selection, you need also take into account a few other factors in addition to the ones already mentioned. Although they may not be deal-breakers, these factors can and will affect satisfaction and fun. 



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  • Bluetooth, WiFi, 
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