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Royal Mabati Factory Contact , Price ,Reviews


Royal Mabati Factory Contact , Price ,Reviews

Through their roofing goods and solutions, Royal Mabati Factory Limited has helped a lot of clients flourish throughout the years. We are an international business that mostly deals in roofing materials, and they got their start in Nairobi in 2005 with a facility there. They are one of the top roofing product manufacturers right now, and they have distribution facilities all over Kenya and Eastern Africa.

They can guarantee the integrity of their product and the happiness of their customers thanks to the strict implementation of cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, product testing, an organized back office, thorough training, field supervision, and research & development. 



to continuously innovate in order to deliver timely, high-quality, and inexpensive roofing solutions.


proactively position themselves as the industry standard for customer satisfaction. 

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Primary Values

  • Customer service maniacs the are ,  The sales representatives and technical support staff pay attention to client feedback and act accordingly. With a yes, we deliver 100 champs. 
  • Believe in People; have faith in leadership intentions; welcome everyone's thoughts; and aggressively cultivate a workforce with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Recognition: they come up with excuses to enjoy the attachments of others and celebrate them.
  • Coaching and Support - They support and coach one another by first concentrating on what we value, then on how we may be even more effective.
  • Accountability - they act as owners, they are responsible, and they do as they say.
  • Execution excellence: by constant innovation and improvement, they surpass results from the previous year. They follow through every day with vigor.
  • Positive attitude - they work hard and with positivity. They abhor bureaucracy and the associated inefficiency. 
  • Teamwork - Using constructive discourse, they may always realize virtual teamwork, regardless of their physical location.
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Social Responsibility of Corporations

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the guiding principles at Royal Mabati Factory Limited.  plans and efforts are consistent with their dedication to energy efficiency and sustainable development based on societal, economic, and environmental improvement. Every project they carry out benefits from their expertise and enthusiasm for environmental responsibilities.

It has to do with who they are and how they  conduct themselves in business. They uphold their fundamental principles of integrity, audacity, trust, freedom, camaraderie, modesty, and good times. Their business procedures, procurement practices, and employee welfare programs are all supported by their strict code of corporate ethics. 

Environmental Sustainability: they are aware of their effects on the environment in great detail. They are making efforts to lessen their use of energy and waste's negative effects on the environment. They educate staff members about important sustainable development issues.

Community Engagement: They work to make a difference in the areas where they live and work. They collaborate with government, NGOs, and local and national charities to achieve this. They encourage and assist all staff members to take an active role in community improvement and aiding those in need. 

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Contact Details  

When it comes to roofing, Royal Mabati ® has the experience & know how to make it both durable and beautiful. Roman longtile, Box & Bricktile Profile, Corrugated Profile , Commercial IT 5 and Eurotile Profile Available. Payments on monthly installments are acceptable. Visit our factory in Mombasa Road ,Mlolongo Opposite Sabaki Stage ,Contact us now 0722 63 83 83

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