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should use Airduka’s online marketplace, Is it legit or Scam ? Review


should use Airduka’s online marketplace, Is it  legit or Scam ?

I sell product online and i have paid this company to create my store and i expected to get  sales , but , .... before i tell you the answer let me tell you more about Airduka marketplace , 

On a website like, you can find whatever you require if you're looking to purchase any goods or obtain services in Kenya. It is an online marketplace that facilitates the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers. There are countless vendors offering a variety of goods and services that you might find interesting. You can quickly and conveniently order anything you need from their website.

Here are the top five justifications for using airduka the next time you need to sell a good or service.

Easy to sign up and get started 

Time is an important resource when it comes to managing your business. It won't take long to sign up to sell your goods on airduka because the full procedure may be finished in a few minutes. To begin, there are no challenging steps to do.

The product title, description, and photographs are all that are required to post a product on airduka. Consumer items, electronics, electrical supplies, mechanical spare parts, industrial materials, and a host of other products that you would generally not find on other eCommerce platforms can all be listed on the platform.

There is No Commission  charged on products sold 

You will often be charged a commission on each sale you make on other eCommerce platforms. In contrast to other companies, Airduka does not charge a % fee on goods or services. With this, you won't have to raise your pricing to pay the commission or even take a smaller profit because a portion of your earnings would go toward paying the commission.

Cheap items order Now 

Since there is no commission, you end up with substantially more money than you would with the majority of other eCommerce platforms. 

Create an e-catalogue shareable on WhatsApp 

Any company can use to develop an e-catalogue of their accessible inventory that includes essential information such product prices, descriptions, and photographs. This electronic catalogue serves as a showcase for the vendor's products and is easily shared via WhatsApp, email, and any other social media platforms the seller uses. 

Receive orders on WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is used by a significant portion of the public, and airduka is aware of this. For this reason, the platform has made it simple for sellers to get in touch with customers that use it. Buyers can use it to place direct orders from the seller's airduka e-catalogue on WhatsApp. This reduces the amount of time required for communication and, hopefully, results in more purchases, making it simpler for both the vendor and the purchasers. 

Receive Direct Sales Leads From Interested Buyers 

All Airduka vendors will get direct sales leads from people who are looking to acquire their products.

This feature enables customers to notify merchants that they intend to acquire their goods or services by sending them their contact information, including names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

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These facts will be delivered in real time, as soon as a buyer enters their information, to sellers by email and SMS. Sellers have a better probability of closing transactions because these customers are primed and prepared to buy! 

Reach a bigger audience

You might already have social media pages for your business website and be successfully attracting a sizable clientele. Since Airduka has consumers from all around the nation, it can assist you in reaching a larger audience. Airduka has each product SEO-optimized to ensure that it is visible to search engines, ensuring that your products reach an even larger audience.

Okay Now Final Words  

Online you need to test , i tested this company and did not work for me For sure i paid one month subscription and no single sale , i dont know if it will work for you .   i can wish you can use facebook marketplace instead. 

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