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Things to Consider while Buying Men Leather Shoes types , Shoes Kenya


Undoubtedly, leather is a popular material because of its strength, style, and flexibility. These qualities make leather footwear quite popular. However, picking the best brand out of the many available ones could be difficult. Graduate of the Footwear Design & Development Institute Gauravi Rajauriya offers some advice. 

Type of leather 

The majority of high-quality leather shoes rely on the leather's type for how they look, thus being aware of the differences could help you choose better. Generally speaking, full grain, top grain, and suede are the three primary kinds of leather. Top grain is the next tier in the chain and is comparable to full grain but is a degraded form of full grain, whereas full grain is the highest quality leather and has a tight porous nature. Full grain leather is smoother than top grain. You may have also heard the terms suede and nubuck, which refer to a method of finishing split leather by sanding the grains to create a velvety appearance.
These leathers can be processed further for textures and finishes and can be from any animal, including calf, buffalo, sheep, goat, and others.


The construction of the shoes is crucial in determining how long they will endure because leather shoes are quite pricey and you would like them to last longer. The Blake, Goodyear welted, Cemented (gluing), and PU injection methods are the most widely used shoe construction techniques. While the cemented method is typically utilized for athletic and general footwear, the Blake and Goodyear Welt construction is chosen for dress shoes since the sole is sewn to the layers of the shoes' upper lining and insole. When compared to goodyear welt, which is long lasting, less flexible, and heavier than Blake, goodyear is lighter, more flexible, sleeker, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Touch and feel 

One of the simplest ways to verify authenticity is to feel and touch the texture. On touching the shoes, one might feel an unreal gloss or coating. Leather has a more organic feel. Real leather has a porous texture, and if you look closely at the shoes, you might be able to detect some of the incredibly small pores (except in suede).


Being a natural material, leather has variations in its natural texture that enhance its appeal. Finishing on shoes improves look. There shouldn't be any differences between pairs. Before making an investment, one should carefully consider the aesthetics. Fine leather shoes that have been expertly manufactured will last a long time and are less likely to become wrinkled or distort. 


Shoe soles can be composed of a variety of materials, including leather, rubber, TPR, and PU, to mention a few. Since each material has unique qualities, research is important before making an investment. Nobody would choose leather footwear that is prone to slipping.


It's crucial to feel comfy if you're going to purchase shoes. Better grip is provided by cushioning, and walking is made more confident by comfortable shoes. For a pair of shoes to be ideal, the footbed must be well-padded. 

Lining & sock material 

The longevity of the shoe is greatly influenced by the leather lining and the sock. Since leather is a natural material, the possibility of unpleasant odor is eliminated.


The majority of companies adhere to a conventional width, but if that doesn't work for you, be sure to pick the appropriate size. Some brands also offer wide fits if your feet are wide. There are a total of 9 widths, with D for males and B for women being the average for almost 90% of persons. The majority of men have a predisposition to wear large sizes, which is not advised, and it has been noted that ladies tend to wear small sizes, which is also incorrect. Generally speaking, the length, girth, and instep of two feet cannot be exactly the same. If your feet aren't the same size, it is advised to choose a larger size.


Composition label 

The shoe's composition label tells you what materials were utilized to make it. The "hide" symbol denoted leather, "woven" denoted textile, and "diamond" with four corners denoted other materials, such as coating or rubber.

Physical and chemical properties 

You are more likely to choose wisely if you have a general awareness of the traits of the majority of shoe leather varieties. Some leathers, such as suede, dislike water because it absorbs it easily, while others, such as patent, are water-resistant but dislike prolonged exposure to heat. A flexible shoe that resists creases is ideal. Leather shoes have certain common features, but sometimes it's better to spend money on high-quality shoes that will last. 

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