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Tips On How To Choose A Watch For Men in kenya


Tips On How To Choose A Watch For Men in kenya

Everyone enjoys receiving wonderful gifts, whether they are for birthdays, holidays, or just any special event. Since our loved ones frequently inquire about our wishes, why not be specific? What one item do we all need and desire more of? Time. Time also manifests itself physically as a wristwatch. Here, we offer some advice on how to pick the best watch.

At first, choosing the ideal watch for you or others could seem a little difficult. Thoughts like "How much should I spend," "Should I get a leather strap or a bracelet," and "Should it be classy or athletic" can run rampant. Here, we want to empower readers by making the concept of choosing a watch less intimidating. You can enjoy time on the wrist by following these six easy steps, or you can give people a priceless gift of time by doing so. 


1. Consider The Recipient First. 

Consider the interests, hobbies, sense of style or fashion, preferences, and more of the person you are buying the watch for before making the decision. Is the person a sports fan, a corporate executive, a fashion expert, or just someone who likes to have fun? This should have an impact on the watch style you select for them.

Roberta’s Suggestions: 

  1. Sport watches – Breitling Navitimer and the Zenith Defy
  2. For the fashionistas – Hermes Galop
  3. For business ware – Patek Philippe Calatrava
  4. For creatives and artistic folks – try a Hublot Orlinski watch
  5. Minimalists – try watches from brands such as Nomos, Casio, or Citizen 

The environment they reside in also has an impact. A cool bracelet may do wonders for people who live in arid areas, especially with today's integrated bracelets like those on the new A. Lange & Sohne Odysseus sport watch. A superb leather strap works in most temperatures, especially one with a vintage padded appearance like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph.

2.  Set A Budget. 

Even if you are aware of the preferences of the person you are buying for, you still need to put your own finances first. Every price range, from 500 ksh  to 100,000,ksh  can find a timepiece. Even if you like to splurge a bit more when you find the perfect thing, having a predetermined budget in mind is essential. There's no need to immediately increase (or decrease) retail prices. 

3. Understand Watch Movements And Materials. 

Understanding the various watch movements and materials is also crucial before you start shopping because they have an impact on both pricing and looks. Quartz watches, which run on batteries, are typically less expensive than mechanical watches that wind themselves or require manual winding. In a similar vein, timepieces made of stainless steel are frequently less expensive than those made of more noble metals and lighter materials like titanium or carbon fiber. Do some independent research to arm yourself. 

4. Consider Styles And Features. 

We advised you to consider the watch's recipient earlier. This is so since it's the single most crucial aspect of purchasing a watch. A good three-hand watch with an easy-to-read dial, for instance, would be the best choice if you're shopping for a practical person who isn't into gimmicks and functionalities. If the person is a fashionista, think about giving them a watch with a unique case form or a bright dial. Features are also crucial. For example, a chronograph (which times intermediate events like swimming laps or running a sprint) could be a better choice if you are shopping for a sports fan. If the user is an executive in business or a frequent traveler, features like calendars, dual time zones, 

5. Consider The Brand Name. 

The idea of brands is a little trickier. But before you continue reading, bear in mind that you are not required to purchase a particular watch brand. However, it can be useful to be aware of the best brands across all price ranges. Before making a purchase, do some online research. Bigger, more recognizable brands could have a stronger cache if you are shopping within an accessible price range. As you move up to more expensive watches, personal preference also matters. Some people yearn after well-known brands because they are particularly brand aware. 

Others prefer to veer off the main path and search for a lesser-known brand that might offer great value while also keeping people curious about the watch they are wearing. Remembering who you are buying for and how much money you have to spend helps with part of this decision-making. 

6 Relax And Enjoy The Experience. Remember, Returns Are Always An Option. 

You don't have to go watch buying alone, and it doesn't have to be terrifying. It might be thrilling to enter an authorized retailer or even buy online for new or used timepieces. Think of it as a learning opportunity, and don't be shy about asking questions. In general, the sales people and online concierges are happy to assist and provide some guidance. The best part is that if you followed steps 1 and 2 above, you may sketch this right now to control the shopping process. Also, keep in mind that you always have the opportunity to return an item as long as you are purchasing from a reliable source. The watch can be returned or exchanged if the recipient absolutely doesn't like it.  



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