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Car Wash: How to Start /set up a Car Wash Business in Kenya


Car Wash: How to Start /set up  a Car Wash Business in Kenya

Hello , today am giving you tips on how to start Car Wash business   How to Start /set up  a Car Wash Business in Kenya 

The car wash industry has drawn the attention of young people in Kenya, where many people are starting their own businesses.

One of the industries in Kenya that is growing the fastest is the car wash industry.

You won't miss a car wash within a 1km radius if you walk or drive into any Nairobi estate or on main roads or highways.

Car wash businesses of various sizes have flourished into existence to satisfy the needs of the large number of vehicles being imported into the country, from the low-income areas of the city to the luxurious suburbs.

There are at least 2.5 million vehicles on Kenyan roadways, according to the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis. Compared to the number of cars found in Tanzania and Uganda, respectively, there are 21 and 15 times as many cars here. By 2030, there will be 5 million additional cars on the road, representing an annual rise of 11%. How then do you start a car wash business in Kenya? Discover how to quickly launch your own car wash business by reading this article further. 

How to start car wash business 

1. Market Research 

Just like with any other business idea, research is crucial.

• Specify the characteristics of your target audience.

• Study successful entrepreneurs for advice.

• Determine the characteristics of the suitable site for a new car wash.

• Identify the differentiator that will keep customers coming back.

2. Get a business permit 

It is crucial to make sure you have the appropriate credentials before starting any firm.

In Kenya, opening a car wash requires only a single business permit. It's crucial to remember that the price of this permission varies from city to city. This implies that the cost to obtain this permission will be greater in major cities like Mombasa and Nairobi.

Consider requesting approval from the National Environment Management Authority if you want to build a particularly large carwash (NEMA). 

3. Location 

One of the most important factors in determining whether your car wash business will succeed or fail is its location.

A car wash business has historically prospered when situated close to a Nyama Choma grill and bar, a mechanic's shop, or even close to bus stations.

The location chosen should be close to a busy route or a busy shopping area is the other factor.

It would be best to choose a location near or inside the parking lot if one were to launch this type of business in Nairobi. Due to accessibility, this will be quite convenient for the clients.

Make sure the car wash spot is visible and has the most accessibility you can get.

Not to add, the ground should be free of any physical obstacles, such power poles, ditches, or an abundance of trees.

Shopping centers, public buildings, and churches are just a few examples of other sites in Kenya where land for a car wash business might be acceptable to purchase or lease.

When looking for potential places, be sure the region you choose has a reliable water supply. A benefit of naturally occurring water is that it will never run out without your knowing.

You can also dig a well or a borehole, but make careful to maintain them. Last but not least, be sure to allocate space for tanks, which must constantly be stocked with water before your business is ready to launch.

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4. Revamping the site  

It is wise to move forward and make the location more accessible to your clients after selecting a suitable spot. Customers are drawn to decency in the same way that they are drawn to effectiveness.

Starting a car wash without first repairing the land by eliminating obstructions or fencing the area is not advised. When restoring the land, digging trenches and leveling the ground are also crucial steps.

If you had more money to spend, you could level the area and pave it, which would make cleaning much simpler.

As part of your renovation, you might upgrade your yard's security measures to protect the security of the client's vehicles.

5. Acquire the necessary pieces of equipment 

Car Washing machine 

A pressure washing machine is the first item any serious investor should have for this business. These machines are available in various capacities, under various brands, and in either new or used condition.

How many cars you anticipate using your car wash each day should influence your decision to buy one. A robust machine is your best option; the additional cost can strain your budget, but it ensures longevity.

A smaller capacity model will suffice, though, if you're on a tight budget until your car wash business generates enough revenue for an upgrade. The pressure washing machine's fuel source should also be taken into account.

Kenyans are nearly sick to death of power outages, which not only annoy the populace but also shut down certain enterprises.

Consider purchasing a petrol or diesel-powered pressure washing machine if there is a history of frequent power outages in the area where you plan to install your car wash.

The former, however, is preferable because it ensures superior performance.

You only need to consider the qualities that each brand offers while determining the model. 

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A spray gun, pressure settings, anti-twist systems, weight, and dust blasting are a few characteristics to keep an eye out for.

Your chances of boosting service delivery at your automatic car wash business in Kenya are higher the more features you have.

Popular brands like Karcher and Honda dominate the market for washing pressure machines, which are offered in top supermarkets around the nation.

Water tank 

Your car wash business's success depends on your water tanks. These are also available in various capacities, ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 litres.

The size of the water tank you select should be determined by the water supply in the location where you want to open your car wash. Better tanks are those that are larger. 

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Vacuum Cleaner, brushes, squeezers, towels, detergents, and buckets 

When you buy the same equipment for your home, it's not the same as when you're buying it for a car wash business.

Ask to be taken to the location where there are commercial vacuum cleaners.

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These vacuum cleaners are more feature-rich and unlike their competitors, they are not designed for specific applications.

The greater the quality, even though the buckets, squeezers, towels, and brushes don't have to adhere to any particular requirements or norms.

Make sure you don't buy the detergents from your neighborhood store or supermarket.

There are certain detergents made just for washing cars, and you can find them in several nearby shops.

They have a pleasant scent and might help your car wash stand out from the crowd. 


Consider some of the services you'll offer at your car wash when you make the above equipment purchases.

You may need equipment for some of these services that is only available to high-end car wash companies, but you need them to guarantee a constant stream of customers.

Among the most popular services are:

1. Bathing the body

2. Upholstery

3. Cleaning the interior

4. Underwash

5. Waxing

6. Using dust

7. Buffing 

8. Cleaning the carpet

9.  Engine clean 

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Water pressure  Cleaner For Car wash 

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  • Mobile and space-saving due to hose reelVersatile: 
  • Used both in horizontal and vertical positions

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Car wash water tank  

  • Tanks are double layered to ensure the inner layer is white which allows us to view the condition (dirt) inside the tank more clearly during inspection so that you enjoy a clean and healthy water at all times; the outer layer prevents UV penetration.
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  • Algae formation protection
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  • Rust Proof
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  • Hygienic
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