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One of the top providers of financial services in Kenya is Equity Bank Kenya. There are two numbers for Equity Bank customer service, and one number is used for all communications between the bank and its clients. The customer contacts Equity Bank Kenya using the other number.

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If you have your Equity Bank contacts on hand to utilize in an emergency, the Kenyan customer service team at Equity Bank is highly helpful and attentive to your concerns. To receive assistance, you merely need to call the right equity customer service number in Kenya. 

Equity Customer Care Calling From Equity Bank Kenya To Customer 

Equity Bank Customer Care Number (The telephone number for Equity Bank  ) is 076300000.

Please take note that Equity Bank will contact you at this number if you are a client or an outside shareholder.

You may reach Equity Bank at 076300000, which is their customer service number. Customers and outside shareholders can reach Equity Bank at any time via their universal contact number. Please be aware that any number phoning you and identifying itself as from Equity Bank but is not one of the ones mentioned above is fraudulent. 

If a caller claims to be from Equity Bank but the number does not match the above Equity customer care number, ignore the call and hang up. The message sender name for all communications sent by Equity Bank is EQUITY.  

If a caller claims to be from Equity Bank but the number does not match the above Equity customer care number, ignore the call and hang up. The message sender name for all communications sent by Equity Bank is EQUITY.
Simply ignore or block any calls from random numbers that claim to be from EQUITY and are attempting to assist you or report a problem. If there is a need to contact you, EQUITY bank will dial the number 0763000000 to call you. 

Customer Calling Equity Bank Customer Care 

The customer service number for Equity Bank is 0763063000
Keep in mind that when you need to get in touch with Equity customer support, YOU utilize this number as a customer or external shareholder of Equity Bank.
Whether you need assistance from Equity Bank, you can call their customer service line at 0763063000 by looking behind your ATM card to see if you can see it.

In some situations, assistance may be necessary.

Lost your card, such as a VISA, MasterCard, etc. Stolen Card Problems with transactions, such as a failed transaction, General queries, such as loans, among other things

The services provided by the Equity bank are available around-the-clock. Feel free to call the number whenever you need assistance from Equity Bank; a representative will answer the phone as soon as possible.

Please be aware that the Kenyan Equity customer service number is 0763063000. No matter what county you live in, you can call the Equity customer service line.

This implies that you can contact Equity Bank customer service at 0763063000 regardless of where in Kenya you are located—in Nairobi, Kitui, Eldoret, Bungoma, Turkana, or any other county.

From August 24, 2020, the Equity Bank contact number will be available to everyone. During the rebranding process, the choice was made to make Equity Bank contacts universal. Additionally, consumer interaction

Equity Bank Kenya Online Banking 

You can still contact Equity Bank Kenya customer support if you experience an issue while utilizing the Equity online banking services.

Online consumers who use Equity services late at night can rely on it because of the bank's 24/7 customer support. Do not fret. Even in the dead of night, Equity Bank still offers live call assistance.

The customer service number for Eazzy Banking is 0763063000. Email address:

The aforementioned Equity Bank contacts are always used, regardless of whether you are in Nairobi or another county. 

Ways To Avoid Fraudsters Impersonating Equity Customer Care 

The equity bank communication number is open to anyone. You are aware of it now.
You won't be asked personal information like your PIN or password by the Equity Bank Kenya customer service team. This means that inquiries like your full names, ID numbers, where you started your account, and any other questions except PIN and password will be used to identify you.
Immediately end the call if you get a questionable call. Equity Bank can be contacted for more information.

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 Wrap up 

Finally, you might understand that the Equity customer service number in Kenya is 0763063000 and is available worldwide. Reach out to the appropriate Equity Bank contacts whenever you need assistance. Also take note that no matter what county you are in or whether Equity Bank is phoning you in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Moyale, or any other location, they always use the universal number 0763000000.

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