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How to Make Kshs 10,000 with your Phone in Kenya


How to Make Kshs 10,000 with your Phone in Kenya

Did you know that in Kenya, you may use your phone to earn Ksh 10,000? It is real! This post will go through many phone-based business opportunities. We'll also offer pointers on how to start.

So read on for some fantastic ideas, whether you're looking for a method to earn some additional money or you want to launch a new business! 

How to Make Kshs 10,000 with your Phone in Kenya. 

There are numerous ways you can use your phone to make an additional Ksh 10,000. Anyone can earn money using their phone with a little imagination and business acumen. Here are a few concepts: 

1. Online tutoring 

If you are an expert in a certain field, online teaching can be a lucrative method to make money.

You can advertise your skills on websites like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or even Zoom. You can also make an online course and sell it.

You can utilize websites like and Chegg Tutors to find an online tutor. Additionally, you can find customers by using your website or social media.  

2. Affiliate Marketing 

A fantastic way to generate money on your phone is through affiliate marketing. You can search for affiliate programs for goods and services that you currently use and then market them to others.

You will get paid when someone uses your affiliate link to buy something. Affiliate product promotion can be done in a variety of ways, including through social media, your website, and even email marketing.

Jumia Kenya, Amazon Associates, Clickbank, and Commission Junction are examples of well-known affiliate programs. 

3. Become an influencer on Apps such as Twitter or Instagram 

You can make money by working as an influencer if you have a sizable social media following.

Many businesses will pay you to advertise their goods and services on your social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are a few of the well-known sites.

Keep in mind that becoming an influencer doesn't require having a million followers. Even if you just have a small number of followers, you can still earn money by endorsing goods and services that you think are worthwhile. 

4. Promote Products online 

By promoting things on your website or blog, you can earn money. There are many ways to accomplish this, like using banner adverts, text links, or product reviews.

Products to promote can be found on websites like Jumia or Jiji.

Using social media to advertise things is another option. To share with your followers, you can write posts or even make videos about the goods you're promoting.

Always remember that it's important to support brands you trust and would tell your loved ones about.

5. Sell goods or services online 

You can sell something online if you have a skill or service to offer. This might be anything from writing articles to designing.

Through websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour, you can locate clients.

Your website is a further avenue for the sale of services. You can put together a portfolio of your work and solicit clients.

You can also start an to provide top-notch work at a reasonable cost. 

6. Start a YouTube Channel 

Create a YouTube channel if you have something to say and are creative. Through sponsorships, advertising, or even the sale of goods, you can make money.

You need to produce compelling material if you want to succeed on YouTube. Additionally, you must advertise your channel and expand your viewership.

Keep in mind that creating a great YouTube channel requires time and work. But it might be a terrific way to earn money using your phone if you're persistent. 

7. Forex trading 

You can make money using your phone if you're interested in Forex trading. You may trade using your phone with many Forex firms.

Because forex trading is dangerous, it's important to conduct your study before beginning. Ensure that you are aware of the hazards and only invest money that you can afford to lose. 

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