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Can Green Tea Reduce Stress , Now Answered

 Several health advantages of green tea have been noticed, including weight loss, skin health, and an increase in energy, but might it also aid with stress management?

You might want to try drinking some green tea if you're seeking for a quick approach to relieve tension. The use of this nutrient-rich beverage has numerous advantages. You can even lower your risk of experiencing bone loss while reducing stress and enhancing brain function.

L-theanine In Green Tea Reduces Stress

The amino acid L-theanine can be found in tea leaves. The umami flavor of tea is thought to be caused by a non-protein amino acid. It has been discovered that the amino acid lowers stress.

It may have some neuroprotective characteristics in addition to its effects on the brain. L-theanine supplementation has been linked in several studies to a possible Alzheimer's disease prevention. There is proof that it might also shield the brain from harm brought on by age.

The amino acid might lessen anxiety and increase mental clarity. L-theanine may be a helpful substitute for antidepressants for people with major depressive illness. L-theanine and antipsychotic medicine may work better together than they do alone to ease anxiety symptoms.
While L-theanine has a reputation for reducing stress, studies have also shown that it improves focus and memory. Researchers have also discovered that it improves people's sleep. The use of this supplement may be advantageous for those who experience sleeplessness.

According to studies, L-theanine might make the brain bigger. Serotonin and GABA are chemicals that aid in controlling mood and alertness, and L-theanine raises their levels. L-theanine supplements may be helpful for people who struggle with stress and sleep. 

Several foods include the amino acid L-theanine, which occurs naturally. L-theanine is a tiny part of some mushrooms. Make careful to talk to a doctor before adding l-theanine to your diet. When taken as directed by the package, L-theanine is regarded as secure. 

EGCG In Green Tea 

The green tea extract, or EGCG, is a strong antioxidant. But it might also contribute to thyroid conditions. Consequently, a cup of tea is not the panacea that it might seem to be. In reality, a significant amount of research has been devoted to figuring out the consequences of the well-known beverage. Many studies have been done, the most of them in Asia. These have discovered that drinking more than three cups of tea each day increases your risk of developing NTD.
This beverage's potential to strengthen your immune system is its best feature. According to studies, green tea may be able to inhibit the growth of dangerous microorganisms. This implies that you can maintain your gut health while eating a nutritious diet. 

Moreover, the tea also has anti-inflammatory properties. One study even showed that it can be used as a mild anti-hypertensive. Green tea may be just the ticket if you are suffering from a cold.

While there are no guarantees, a cup or two of green tea a day is probably a good idea. However, if you are prone to hypertension, you may want to avoid the caffeine content of your cup of joe. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. It has been known for some time that drinking plenty of water may help you ward off cancer. Additionally, consuming too much caffeine can lead to liver toxicity, which can be deadly.

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