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How to Tell the Difference Between High and Low Quality Clothes In Kenya .


The fashion industry is dynamic. The fact that new trends and patterns are being brought to the fashion business on a daily basis, advancing it at an amazing rate, is what makes it so fascinating.

One thing, nevertheless, is constant throughout the sector. There are clothing of great grade and clothes of low quality. The difference between the two is frequently wide. The issue, though, is that it's not always simple to tell whether or not a piece of clothing is of decent quality at first glance.

In this post, we'll show you how to spot the differences between appropriate and inappropriate clothing.

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1, Natural Materials 

In comparison to natural materials, synthetic materials are much more prone to wear and deterioration over time. This involves ripping, piling, fraying, and other issues.

Additionally, wearing clothing made of natural fibers will make you feel cooler and allow for improved airflow. This will guarantee that your body temperature is maintained safely for the best performance.

2, Metal Zippers 

Nothing is more unpleasant than fully zipping a garment only to have the zipper malfunction halfway. This happens frequently with plastic zippers. Because plastic is so weak, it's very simple for you to mistakenly apply too much force and damage the zipping mechanism.

Therefore, employing metal zippers is the answer. No matter how carelessly you handle your zippers, metal is much more durable in the long run due to its strength.

3, Strong Stitching 

Examining the stitching of a piece of clothing is another approach to determine its quality. You are probably holding a high-quality piece of clothing if the stitching is firm, holds the creases in the fabric together, and binds them together well.

The stitching will likely rip before you know it if, on the other hand, it appears weak and inadequate for the folds and creases that it must maintain. 

4, Better Fits 

The best clothing designs understand that when it comes to clothing, fit is the most crucial factor. Instead of only providing apparel in a single size that needs to be further adjusted to fit your body well, they will offer a selection of sizes for every body type. 

5, Trendy Patterns 

Top-of-the-line fashion patterns can be found on high-quality clothing. Why would you wear anything if it looks like it came from your grandmother's closet?

Taking a pattern making course is a necessary first step to understanding the foundations if you ever wish to sew your own clothes. You'll discover how to design whatever pattern you choose, enabling you to follow the industry's numerous shifting trends. 

6, Quality Clothes Are the Way to Go 

The best option is unquestionably to wear high-quality clothing. With this knowledge in hand, you are aware of what distinguishes that standard of clothing from that which you should avoid.

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