ETG - One Stop Solution , Farming App in Kenya Review


ETG - One Stop Solution is an app for African farming communities.

The ETG One Stop Solution app is dedicated to farmers and helps African farmers make informed decisions by accessing agricultural information tailored to their needs.

There app provides exclusive and up-to-date weather forecasts, farming advice and best practice tips on all the latest farming news.

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ETG One Stop Solution is a revolutionary Android-based mobile application. It provides complete information on your smartphone about crop protection, fertilizers, agronomy and all related services related to agriculture. ETG One Stop Solution is not only an information portal, but also an online marketplace that connects farmers and agricultural traders to offer their services on a common digital platform. 

Some of the app features: 

Live weather:

Weather is an important factor that affects plant growth. The app provides village-level live weather forecasts with multiple parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and precipitation. Farmers can add and remove preferred locations for weather forecasts. It helps farmers plan and implement corrective actions in agriculture and farming practices.

Crop protection:

Like all agricultural innovations, crop protection is a highly evolved and important factor. Our wide range of products includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and plant growth regulators. We focus on service in all areas, from product sourcing to research and development, market research, product registration, quality assurance, financial support, product sales and crop protection.

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His ETG's Farmgate presence in Africa enables him to bring soil expertise, fertilizers and agricultural equipment to small and dispersed farming communities at affordable prices. ETG currently supplies the following fertilizer products:

  • nitrogen fertilizer
  • Phosphate fertilizer
  • potash fertilizer
  • Various grades of compound and mixed NPK fertilizers


Seeds play an important role in increasing yields and increasing agricultural productivity, especially for smallholder farmers in Africa. Our app focuses on educating farmers on the multiple benefits of growing improved, high-performing seeds adapted to local agricultural conditions. Agriculture:
ETG Agronomy aims to educate the farming community on best practices and how to implement them using our products. Agronomy has deployed a team of on-site agronomists to train farmers and end-users on various pesticide practices aimed at improving crop yields in a cost-effective manner.

ETG News:

ETG News provides farmers with agricultural news and success stories to motivate early start-up farmers. The news also has information about the latest happenings in the agricultural industry.

Find us:

Here you will find detailed contact information for all our branches in African countries. 

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