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Zazzle Review , Legit or Scam , True Exposed Online Shopping Website

Zazzle Review , Legit or Scam , True Exposed Online Shopping Website

Zazzle Review , Legit or Scam , True Exposed Online Shopping Website  

7,423 reviews on Zazzle have an average rating of 4.41 stars, which suggests that most consumers are typically happy with their purchases. Great quality, quick delivery, and baby shower are the most commonly mentioned benefits by happy Zazzle customers. Zazzle is the second-best website for stationery. 

Through your blog or by uploading your own designs to be printed on items like t-shirts and mugs, among other things, on the Zazzle website, you may make money by selling customized products.

As a Zazzle associate , you may start promoting the goods of other users to your friends and earning commission on sales.  

Joining Zazzle 

Joining Zazzle is free and no payment is required. All you need is your designs to get started and you are ready to start making some money. 

In essence, this is how it operates; 

Create a new account by choosing one of the three available options: Designer, Maker, or Associate.

2. You'll open a designer account since you want to be a designer. The next step is to make your designs and upload them to Zazzle after you've finished.

3. Next, decide what products, such as t-shirts, your designs should be printed on. You only have to do that. 

The inventory, delivery, payments, and refunds are all handled by Zazzle. Your efforts will therefore solely concentrate on developing some distinctive designs to draw in additional clients. Additionally, they offer you free tracking and advertising tools. 

How Much Money Can You Make? 

As a business owner, you set your own rates and pick how much royalty you wish to get. Zazzle has minimums and maximums for markups, but it's best to keep them at a minimum to be competitive. The royalty rate varies from 5% to 99%. 

Uploading numerous high-caliber, original designs to Zazzle is one of the best ways to ensure that you are generating a solid living from your sales. Your chances of selling more designs and generating more revenue increase as your collection grows. 

Additionally, you are paid for more than just your designs. By directing additional clients to the website to make purchases, you can increase your earnings through the Zazzle associate program. To display the products of other sellers, you only need a blog or website. 


  • If you have the ability to produce original designs, Zazzle is incredibly beginner-friendly and simple to use to start making money.
  • Everything is taken care of for you. Your only responsibility is to provide original designs.
  • There is no restriction on how many designs you may upload to the Zazzle website.
  • provides you with tracking and promotion tools to aid in the smooth operation of your business.

  • Zazzle doesn't provide as many product lines as other, comparable websites like Printfection.
  • Limited customizability possibilities could reduce productivity.
  • Products of average quality, but decent value. 
Because this is Review About Zazzle i need to inform you more of what customers say  

Another customer said 

 "I placed my order for my new business on Monday, and I received them today (Friday)

I was NOT expecting it this early but it was such a pleasant surprise!
Thank you so so much I will forsure be re ordering from you guys again, and I will be raving about your fast service and incredible quality!
Thank you zazzle! You just gained a new customer for life, they turned out fantastic! "

As i was looking for reviews i found few negative comments  

Sent cards with writing I never ordered

Never again will I be so stupid as to order anything ever from this company again. The printed the wrong name on cards. Refused to take responsibility for the mistake because I was told it would "Upset the artist." Can you believe this crap? How about upsetting the customer who put their trust in their product. I will make certain Everyone I know is told what a complete scam and liars you people are.
I Don't Know Any God Damn Katherine!


Tip for consumers:
Instead a ordering a single thing on this sight, just simply take the money you were going to spend put it in a pile and set it in fire.
Better that than give it to these crooks.

Products used:
None! These cards are worthless to me. They are in the recycle pile, I hope you're happy. I hope you're having a good laugh at my expense. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You're a bunch of money hungry S.O.B.s
I'm cleaning up my language because you really don't want me to know what I think of you.
My far as your so called artist goes 'whos feeling might be hurt.' they can go F themselves!! And so can the rest of you. 

So FInal Say from my Side , 

The company is 85 % Good but dont give High expectations to it , .. 

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