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adBTC Review – Should You Register? Is it Legit or Scam , Make money online


You receive payment from adBTC for visiting websites and seeing some adverts. If you want to earn Bitcoins, this website is not awful to sign up for. But, the rewards are low, so earning it will require a lot of patience. 

A simple approach to make additional money is to sign up for an online rewards program. Of course, you can only do this if you join a legitimate one.

One of the websites that offers incentives for completing quick online tasks is adBTC.

But is adBTC a legitimate choice to consider or a fraud to avoid? 

What is adBTC and what does it offer? 

As was already indicated, the GPT (Get-Paid-To) website will pay you primarily for browsing other websites. Bitcoin is indicated by the symbol BTC in its name.

The website that this article is about is, although there are a couple others with the same name but different web addresses.

And as you can probably imagine, even if it has added another payout mechanism since I initially tested the site, you will mostly be able to earn Bitcoins from this website (more about this later).

What users say about adBTC 


I see in my life only two best real earning websites frist is adbtc and 2 is coinpayu.i recommended all to join it. Thanks, 


This is a most popular and very useful…
This is a most popular and very useful earnings website 👍 👌 😀 I am not explain in detail. But very important earning money. 

USER 3, 

Their "Human Verification" software upon entering the site is simply ridiculous and humiliating, sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds just to enter the site. Why would I want to spend 30 seconds looking at a white screen just to enter the site? I understand all the precautions and security issues, but this way is definitely not smart, cause you lose users. 

My Final Word 

I can recommend the  the company but dont expect alot of money from the tool , 

check it out here 

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