How to Choose Best and Good Smartphone In Kenya, Answered

How to find the right smartphone for your needs 

A new phone is due soon. Here are some recommendations from our experts to assist you in making the best choice. 

Smartphones have largely taken over our daily lives, from keeping us in touch with loved ones to allowing us to shop online, pay our bills, record films, stream music, and do so much more. However, it can be challenging to determine which smartphones offer the most value for your money in terms of features like camera quality, battery life, and even how simple they are to use.

Do your homework to identify the finest alternative for you before deciding to purchase your next phone.

How do smartphones work?

Although voice calls have been possible to make via a mobile network since the invention of the mobile phone, the most recent smartphones offer much more than just chat and text. In fact, many users consider their smartphone to be a necessary piece of technology and a constant companion for all activities other than face-to-face communication.

Smartphones may connect to a local area network using Wi-Fi and act as mobile phones over a variety of network bands. Applications (or apps), which may be downloaded to a smartphone and used to perform many of the duties that were previously performed on other items, provide the majority of the increased capability of a smartphone. 

Nowadays, a smartphone can serve as your camera, wallet, music player, and GPS for your vehicle all in one. 

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Should you buy a phone outright or through a plan? 

Essentially, it depends on what you want to purchase. If you can afford it, paying upfront is definitely something to think about because you can end up saving quite a bit of money in the long run. There are many post-paid phone plan options, though, if paying in advance is not an option. The cost you incur if you choose the phone plan option will depend on your specific contract and how you use your phone.

Operating systems 

The operating system (OS) of the phone is what turns the phone on or off, as well as maybe you. There are three (but really only two) possibilities.

Apple iPhone OS (iOS) 

An iPhone running iOS would be a smart option if you already own (or want to purchase) other Apple products like an iPad, MacBook, or iMac. 

Google Android  

Any company can create apps for smart devices running the Android operating system since Google Android is an open platform. It's present in everything, including smartwatches, TVs, refrigerators, and cars.

An Android-based smartphone is your best choice if you like to personalise your mobile experience and want to use the newest tech products as soon as they are released. There might not be an exact "sameness" in the appearance and feel of Android's OS compared to Apple's closed iOS environment because of Android's open nature. 

Windows Phone OS (end of life) 

We are unable to recommend a Windows Phone because no apps are being made for it. Even while you might still be able to find a phone, Microsoft hasn't given this OS any security updates in a while. 

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